Starting a New Gaming Brand with Content Repurposing

TL:DR | Here is why I made an additional brand or semi-external arm of PolyInnovator. That being the video game centric - PolyInnovator Gaming.

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Starting a New Gaming Brand with Content Repurposing

You might ask why am I talking about my Gaming arm, when this is a newsletter about the Content Repurposing arm? Great question!

Firstly, the point of the PolyInnovator Ecosystem is that each arm is like a piece of the greater puzzle. Although unlike my Repurposing or Swimming arms, the Gaming arm actually has it's own channel and website.

Although they are still connected, and I also thought that my strategy for building up the new channel

What do I mean starting a brand with Repurposing?

Well I have been a gamer all of my life, and as it happens I've clipped so many great shots from various games over the years. Actually as it turns out I had almost double what I thought because I clipped on Xbox and PC. However due to some bug or something, Xbox just wiped all of my clips THREE TIMES.

Although on PC I had a ton of clips that I could then reframe with something like, or some similar tool. Meaning I had months of short form content right up front (still do).

Why is this important?

While I have plans for the various series that will make up the majority of the content or "pillar content". There needs to be a point of entry for people to come into the channel.

This lesson can help you regardless of your niche. I don't care if you like gaming or not you should be listening closely here. errrr Reading closely!

Short form content is king right now, shorts/reels/tiktok/pinterest in particular. Growing your new brand is going to be a hell of a lot easier with this in mind!

How do you grow?

With consistency! Whelp, I already messed up on that part, as I paused the upload of shorts/full vids recently when I moved my personal knowledge system.

Is that going to be a deterent? No. This is because the process is still the same, and this is where scheduling comes into play.

Using something like Nuelink or you can plan out your content ahead of time. Then keep chopping up the longform videos int

Highlighted Tool of the Week:

Okay this tool is amazing. I've been looking and comparing various summarizing tools out there, but most of them are just junk. Or they make you install an annoying plugin.

Brevity stood out because I was looking at a comparision video, and the guy said this one was the best. I tried it out for myself with some of my interviews, and found out why he said that.

I immediately put all 103 of my interviews into the tool, even paid for pro (Only $6 for the month), and spent a few hours of my day doing something that I needed to do for my upcoming posts.

Use AI to Summarize YOUR Long Form Content

🥡 Takeaways

Two big things stand out to me that I want to share with you. The first one is that when you are thinking about whether or not to make a new series; Then you need to figure out whether it is an arm that is hosted under the main channels/umbrella, OR that if it is a sub-brand that stands on its own.

While I think Gaming is something I wanted to host on my main channel, it would conflict too much with the education and polycast content that I mainly do there.

Realizing this, and not to mention that I'm a variety gamer as well (so even this new channel is pretty holistic on its own), I decided to make it as a separately hosted thing.

The second lesson is making good use of the platforms of the moment. Who knows maybe just next year the way to grow would be through web3 platforms because of some big revolution in social media.

We can never know!

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