Level Up Autodidacts to Polymaths

TL:DR | Leveling up to Polymath entails that you are constantly learning, and more often than not you are teaching yourself on that journey.

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Level Up Autodidacts to Polymaths
Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters

What is an Autodidact?

It is the self-learner, the 'Auto' being self, as in autobiography for example. Didact being overinclined to teach others. Autodidact, being inclined to teach yourself, as sometimes you have to take it into your own hands.

One example was when I started PolyInnovator. I wanted a degree in Smart City development, and in content creation. However there was no degree for either one, digital media and civil engineering don't count. It isn't the same, and so I decided screw it I'm going to teach myself.

While not on the Spectrum...

An autodidact is more of a learning lifestyle, and so while not a specific spot on the Multidisciplinary Spectrum like Jack of All Trades or Polymath. Most of the interdisciplinary terms would include this autodidactic lifestyle.

To be multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary you are also a self-learner.

Why do we need to be a Self-Learner?

Being someone who is capable of teaching themselves is a part of human nature, but doing it consistently. Doing it to a level where you can actually learn something to a deep level.

That is something that takes time to learn how to do. Being an autodidact isn't as simple as just saying you are going to be one. You have to actually learn.

Constant Growth and Curiosity

It also acts as a sort of mindset, that feeds into polymathy later on. Being insatiably curious, and always striving to grow more.

This type of attitude is the fundamental foundation of being multidisciplinary, in general, for all levels of the Spectrum.

Embody this mindset, and become more polymathic.

To become a Polymath you need to learn MORE

In most definitions a polymath is something with at least 3 areas of deep expertise. Oftentimes more than that even.

In order to go that wide with multiple specialties, then you need to be more curious. Even more than you can imagine right now, and expand your horizons!

Autodidacticism - Wikipedia
Autodidact vs. Polymath: What’s the Difference & Can You Be Both? | Knowledge Lust
Learn how autodidacts and polymaths differ, why many polymaths are also autodidacts, and how to become an autodidactic polymath.

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