The History of Content Repurposing Tools

TL:DR | As a content repurposer since I started making content really. I have seen the evolution of the space firsthand, and I wanted to share a bit of an historical overview.

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The History of Content Repurposing Tools

Most people only know about the big names in the space, such as or OpusClip (, and those are fantastic tools. However there has been numerous tools on the market.

I was looking through my list of posts I needed to get out for this series, and an idea came to mind. There are so many that it would be too tough to list them all here, but I have basically done so in the past.

Something like this for all of the clip based tools for example:

The Godfather of them all

Really despite not everyone knowing about it yet still, the real first tool on the market was Hani Mourra's, and it is still going to this day.

Are there better clips tools out there? Sure, but the fact it was able to generate clips from timestamps was revolutionary. It also acts like a Zapier alternative, as it bridges out all of the different connections.

One of my favorite things to do with automation for example, is to take my Instagram pictures, and send them over to Pinterest.

Now I also syndicate over my short form videos as well. Meaning that even though I don't have an actual Pinterest strategy I can at least be on the platform.

Cross post your YouTube videos to Facebook too for example. Overall there are tons of options for a powerful too.

The BOOM of AI Tools

Part of the reason I started this PolyInContent/PolyTools newsletter and Youtube channel, is because of all the vast number of tools coming out onto the market.

NO ONE was talking about them, especially not in relation to one another. Even still hardly anyone knows of them, and are making content around them. Besides some people like Greg Preece or Dan Kieft.

One of the top tools in this "Clips Tool" category as I call it, is obviously OpusClip. I joined up early as a user (became their biggest power user at the time), then brand partner. Full disclosure: I now work there part time, but that is because of how much it has helped me.

From the early ones like Opus, Munch, and Dumme. To some of the more newer ones like Minvo, and VideoTap. There are dozens and dozens, all basically doing the same thing.

I think the most unique would be for being the first to do gaming and podcasts/talking, VideoTap/Recast Studio for being able to do written posts from the video, and then OpusClip has been super quick to churn out new and awesome features.

One that stands out is the Reframe and Screenshare feature. It was the FIRST talking video focused tool to give you a split view format. So that both speakers could be on screen. That was one of the reasons I went for it originally. The screenshare is similar too, a unique way of displaying a person and shared screen.

Early Names in the Space

I was pretty early into the world of Repurposing, so I got a chance to see so many tools come out of the woodwork.

Two prominent ones that I still sometimes recommend to some people depending on their needs are Recast Studio and, which are great choices if you want more of a specific clip in mind.

Another couple that were around, but have changed their tactics in the ever growing market. Are ClipsAI and Imaginario, which went in different ways. The former going open source and closing the development, and the latter focusing more on being a video search engine. Two really great ideas I think.

I should mention the other side of things as well, as repurposing your podcast or talking youtube video, isn't the only type of repurposing.

There were also GAMING focused tools like JoinCombo (now closed), and CrossClip (which Streamlabs copied the former, but IMO made a better tool over time). These tools allowed you to repurpose your horizontal gaming clips into vertical tiktok-like formats. Even though JoinCombo came out first, and had some great ideas for becoming an automation tool too. They had too many quirks, and I wasn't able to use their tool as much.

From not supporting local upload for a long while, to not support ultrawide content for whatever reason. Mind you the tools themselves let you highlight sections in any part of the video.

A couple more came out a little before the AI Clips Tool Boom, and those were (a tool that I think OpusClip should really keep an eye out on), and Clipbot.

Types of Content Repurposing

This post has been mainly focused on the VIDEO side of things. However all 3 pillar types have their own repurposing tool market. I wish there were more, and more overlap too. However just wanted to point this out.

From things like Wavve and Zubtitle, being able to repurpose audio into video. I think the latter is just now starting to get into video too, but perhaps too late. Considering all of the other tools on the market that have refined their clipping engines.

There is one tool that started out as an audiogram tool like these too, but has made more moves in the wake of video clips. That being Headliner, and they have been trying to spread out for a while now.

Here are the types:

  • Video to Short Form Video
  • Video to Podcast
  • Video to Blog
  • Blog to Video
  • Blog to Podcast
  • Blog to Micro-Blog
  • Podcast to Micro-Podcast (not really a thing... yet, but I think will be)
  • Podcast to Video
  • Podcast to Blog

All of which have their purpose in your content ecosystem.

I wish success for all of the tools

Rome wasn't built in a day, and still a majority of content creators fail to realize there are so many tools like this that exist. Let alone the scale of how many there are. That's why I am creating the PolyTools directory website, so you can see all that I have come across.

I can honestly say that I think the best tool right now IS OpusClip, and while sure I work with them. If there was another tool that I thought did things better I'd say it.

I've tried all of those small tools that have come out since Opus, I've tried the originals like Repurpose or Chopcast (I even bought the lifetime deal for Chopcast cause I believe in it), and yet none of the tools keep up with Opus. I was not a fan of Riverside's Magic Clips for example. Poor time curation of the clips, not a great number of clips, and the quality of the clips themselves.

From the AMOUNT of clips it finds, the number of quality/usable clips, and the sheer amount of features it offers too.

However despite that, in any business market there needs to be competition, and I think that the space as a whole needs to grow.

While I know that Vidyo was early onto the scene as well. I did not share them in this post due to their shady business tactics. Early on they straight up copied the Recast Studio's website. Nearly word for word. Even late last year when OpusClip was coming out with new features, Vidyo would very soon after copy that idea. Not in the sake of competition, but purely just stealing the idea.

Let's see what the future will hold!

I think for the most part I have been fair to other tools, even when I may be using different ones for myself. My whole ideal for this series and PolyTools brand, is to be fair and just to any tool I look at.

I want to give them a fair shot, and I think that is important. As what matters most is helping you find what YOU need in particular. Maybe the styles of a different tool match your brand better, or you like the approach that gaming tools use. Etc.

I definitely see the ideas that VideoTap or Recast are doing will spread. Offering the transcription of the video, and even turning it into a blog post. Tools like OpusClip could definitely learn from that.

I think there is also a huge disruption potential when it comes to audiograms, and how those kinds of tools work.

When it comes to a "Clip Anything" tool, OpusClip is well on its way to be the best, but right now Eklipse is the only one that can technically do it. I'll need to play with it more to find out how well it does though.

Things like these are what I am excited to see how these companies innovate!

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