Tools to Turn YOUR Video/Audio Content into Clips (Every Clip Repurposing Tool)

TL:DR | This massive list was made to share with you all the vast various website tools I've found to expedite this short form video content creation. From gamers to podcasters alike, there is a massive need to expedite the shorts/reels/tiktoks creation process. These tools help with that!

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Tools to Turn YOUR Video/Audio Content into Clips (Every Clip Repurposing Tool)

No that isn't hyperbole, and at least at the time of this writing these are ALL of the tools that can do this automation for you. There are still some things you have to do in order to make sure it comes out right, such as editing the template. However most of the hard parts are done for you.

I've been reviewing many tools on the PolyInContent Digest newsletter I do weekly, and I intend to keep doing reviews as time goes on (they are video and blog based reviews).

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I definitely encourage you to check those out before proceeding, but it will take time for me to get to every tool.

To all of the founders of these tools on this list, I would very much like to track click through rate, and share affiliate links to the sites. Please reach out to me @polyinnovator to have your Aff link added.

To readers of this post, if I have an aff link for the tool, then I will use it. Therefore just assume that it is there, and that makes no difference on your usage anyways (i.e. no extra charge or anything for you).

Every Tool to Make Clips:

I'll leave a tag note whether it is for "podcast" style or "gaming" style, or both.

The list order is by what comes to mind first, that can mean they are a bit more active (meaning probably practicing what they preach). Additionally, if I have more experience with the tool, OR find it to be more useful it will be more towards the top.

NOTE: This doesn't necessarily mean that one item on the top is better than one towards the bottom. Just a matter of fact that it came to mind first.

Clip Tool Categories

I was thinking about how to categorize or describe different kinds of tools. For example you have something like Recast.Studio which gives you a more robust editor. Same with Chopcast or ContentFries.

Alternatively, you have something like or, Dumme, that are more clip generators. They do it all for you.

I know that Recast and Chopcast both have solid AI's and want to do it all for you as well. However the amount of steps is different for Recast vs Opus for example.

Perhaps tools like Recast could be classified as "Clip editor and generator tools" and something like Opus would be solely "Clip Generator".

There would also be Crossclip or Combo that would be "Clip Highlighter and Converter".

Finally, we have the stuff like Headliner, which would be "Audio clip creator".

Let me know what you think on these!

Middle of the Road Tools- Editor and Generator

Not quite Davinci Resolve, but not simple as Capcut or Clipchamp either. These are the tools that came out prior to the AI boom of 2023.

Podcast Editor by Streamlabs (formerly

Streamlabs Podcast Editor ― Edit Your Video By Editing Text
Streamlabs Podcast Editor is a text-based video editor. Instead of editing in the classic video timeline, you simply edit your video by editing the transcribed text.


Recast Studio: AI Powered Podcast Marketing Assistant
Recast Studio is a generative AI tool that automatically turns your podcast episode into short video clips and writes show notes, blog posts, social media posts and more in minutes.

chopcast | content repurposing platform for webinars and video podcasts
Automatically find and turn key moments in your webinars and video podcasts into binge-worthy clips for all social media. 100% editable. Sign up free!

Repurposing content for social media the easy way »
Repurposing content for social media made easy. Automatically repurpose YouTube, TikTok, Lives, Podcasts, and Zoom calls. Try it for FREE.


ContentFries - Make Content Enjoyable
Content Multiplier App to help you spread your message as far and wide as possible - ContentFries

More Full Fledged Editors

With some clip generation thrown in there as well.


Descript | All-in-one video & podcast editing, easy as a doc.
There are simple podcast & video editors and there are powerful ones. Only Descript is both & it features magical AI, so you can skip the hard part of editing. Get started for free. - Record Podcasts And Videos From Anywhere makes it easy for podcasters and media companies to record remote interviews in studio quality. End result? 4k video and WAV audio content.

Twtich/YouTube Gaming to Tiktoks/Reels/Shorts

I've been using these, and there is an order to the list. Here are the tools for clip conversion tools:


Cross Clip | The Easiest Way to Convert Your Twitch Clips
Convert your Twitch clips into TikToks, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and more with Cross Clip. Brought to you by the team at Streamlabs.

Streamlabs has a history, but they're trying to make up for it, and I like crossclip.


Combo | Convert Twitch Clips to TikToks, Reels, YouTube Shorts
Supercharge the growth of your Twitch channel with automated TikTok clips.

No comment..

Automatically Upload Twitch Clips to TikTok and YouTube | Clipbot
“Before Clipbot I had 100,000 total views in 10 years. Clipbot broke that in one month.”

I had a comment "Sort of dead in the water, but from what I gather it is good.", however it seems they are under new ownership, and have updated the website.


StreamLadder | Convert your Twitch clip to TikTok for free!
Easily convert your Twitch Clips to TikTok, Reels & YouTube Shorts with StreamLadder ✔ Free ✔ Easy to use ✔ No watermark

Didn't work as well for me, but is the cheapest option.

Eklipse is an all in one solution for your editing needs.
Get stream highlights at your fingertips: AI-automated and instant clips converter to Tiktok/Shorts/Reels. You stream, we clip!

A newer one on the market

Twitch/YouTube to Tiktoks and Shorts
This post provides strategies for repurposing YouTube or Twitch content for short-form video platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. The post also mentions tools that can help with finding clips for gaming content, but notes that these platforms tend to be geared towards more mainstream games.

Tools to mention, but don't really seem that good:

ClipMaker - Grow on TikTok & Instagram with your Youtube videos.
We use AI to generate short clips from your YouTube video and then schedule them on your TikTok and Instagram channels.
AI Based Content Repurposing -
Our AI platform helps you convert long form podcasts and videos automatically into shorter shareable clips for TikTok, Reels and Shorts. No CC Required.

Essentially copied Recast

Audio Clip Creators


Headliner - Promote your podcast, radio show or blog with video
Easily create videos to promote your podcast, radio show or blog. Share to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and more


Zubtitle - Add Subtitles to Videos & Edit Videos Online
Zubtitle is an online video editing tool powered by AI that makes it easy to subtitle videos and get them ready for social media. Resize, trim, and animate videos in minutes.


Vokal - Create Stunning Videos for your Audio
Create stunning videos with waveforms and subtitles for audio of your podcast, radio show, and music. Share it on any social media platform and engage more.


Wavve * Turn Your Audio into Video for Social Media
Wavve turns your audio into snackable video clips for social media influence. Claim your custom podcast page today.


Audiogram: Turn audio into engaging social video



Reel – Turn podcast into video
Promote your podcast on social media with teaser videos. Create audiogram for podcast.

"All in One" type tools

Note: There are some tools that are "all in one" repurposers, and while I can't say they are great or not. They would be taking your video, and making images, blogs, audio, and of course clips too. That would a different category as well I would think. Although I need more minds on this, and help me come up with categories.

Not sure how good they are when it comes to clips, as other tools do clips exclusively.


Repurpose Your Videos with AI
Convert your marketing assets into content for your repurposing and distribution strategies. Start publishing more content without creating more content.


Castmagic - 10x Audio Content With AI
Turn long form audio into ready to use content assets, instantly. 10x your content. Upload your Mp3, download transcripts, notes, summaries, highlights, quotes, social posts, & more.


Duplikit | Production, Editing and Promotion for Audio Creators.
Meet Duplikit - Duplikit leverages its expert creative and production talent, natural language processing (NLP) tech, and audio marketing platforms to help you produce, edit and promote your audio and video.


Extractify is a tool for Youtube creators. It allows them to generate twitter and linkedIn content so they can reach new audiences and grow their following on multiple platforms.

Podcast Marketing AI

Podcast Marketing AI
Use AI to generate transcripts, show notes, episode description, social media posts, quote cards and titles.

Clip Generator Tools

This will be the biggest section, as there have been more and of these that have cropped up. This is my favorite section, as there are so many of them. It might seem overwhelming, but there are some that are clearly stronger.


Viroll - Autopilot Video Editing

Create videos 10x faster with AI
Supercreator is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to make it easy and quick to create original short videos fast for TikTok, Reels, Shorts, and more.

AI-Powered Clip Maker for Creators
ClipFM turns long-form video into short clips for social media. We use AI to find the best moments of your video and give you ready-to-post clips within minutes.


SmiliMedia | Convert video into shorts
Generate TikToks, Shorts, Clips, and Reels from your YouTube videos or local videos in a click using AI.


Spikes Studio | Ai clip generator for YouTube Twitch TikTok & Reels
Spikes Studio transforms long content into viral clips for YouTube, TikTok, and Reels. Built with a powerful Ai editor with auto-captions and more. Grow your social media influence


Premium podcast clips on-demand
Stunning professional edited clips to publish on your socials. Done-for-you video editing from your existing video/podcast content. Easy to scale.


Get AI generated short video clips for audio and video content | Flowjin
An AI clip generator that creates clips from your audio or video podcast, Zoom meetings, or Youtube videos. The result is ready to be shared on Youtube, Tiktok, or Instagram Reels


Extract short clips from your videos in a flash.
qlip is an AI-powered productivity platform for video clipping. We help creators save hours repurposing their long videos for TikTok, Insta Reels & Youtube Shorts. our AI automates everything so you just have to pick to publish more consistently and grow your audience across social media 🚀


Generate youtube shorts 10x faster


Professional Online Video Editor - Drag and Drop Editing - VEED.IO
Transform your footage into cinematic masterpieces with VEED’s powerful online video editor. It’s an all-in-one professional suite that features drag-and-drop editing, customizable video templates, and effects.

Clips AI

Clips AI | AI Repurposing Videos
Clips AI helps creators and businesses repurpose their long videos into short clips for social media.


ClipBuddy: AI-Powered Video Shorts for Maximum Engagement
Turn every moment into a masterpiece. Craft effortlessly short clips with AI, that captivate on TikTok, Instagram, and beyond.


ClipMaker - Grow on TikTok & Instagram with your Youtube videos.
We use AI to generate short clips from your YouTube video and then schedule them on your TikTok and Instagram channels.

2Short - AI short clip generator
Turn your long form YT content into performing short clips that drive views and subscribers 10X faster.


Momento | Viral shorts in seconds with AI video editing
Momento is fastest way to identify key video moments and turn them into engaging high-quality shorts. Save time editing with MagicEdits: let AI automatically frame speakers, suggest cuts, add engaging captions, and more.


Edit podcast TikToks 10x faster
Choppity® uses AI to create TikToks from your long podcast videos. Choppity can help you grow. Try it for free.

ClipMaker - Grow on TikTok & Instagram with your Youtube videos.
We use AI to generate short clips from your YouTube video and then schedule them on your TikTok and Instagram channels.



Klap | Turn videos into viral shorts
Generate TikToks, Shorts, and Reels from your YouTube videos in a click using AI.


Munch | Content Repurposing Done Smart.
Munch allows you to create once. Repurpose to Dozens of pieces on every platform. Analyze engagement. Control Monetization. All On One Platform.


The best shorts generator.

Opus Clip (

This is the tool I personally extensively use, and have made over 1300 clips from.

Opus Clip - AI-powered Video Repurposing
Opus Clip turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels to increase social media reach.

This is an affiliate link, full send, as I love the tool. It doesn't make any difference for you so no worries! Go check it out :)

That's a wrap!

Again this post isn't a ranking, but rather just simply sharing the links to various tools I've found. One tool may have a better price to feature ratio that works best for you, and how would you know which one that is if you can compare them?

This list allows you to see a holistic view of all that is out there, and I intend to keep adding to it as time goes on if more show up (to the best of my ability).

If there is a tool on this list you would like me to review, that I haven't yet, then please let me know. @polyinnovator

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