Alternatives to JoinCombo

TL:DR | JoinCombo started a niche market in the content repurposing world. However their time is ending, so I thought it would be really helpful to share these links for gaming creators to repurpose with!

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Alternatives to JoinCombo

It is a sad time as a repurposing platform is going to the repurposing farm house in the sky. JoinCombo, or Combo for short, is shutting down. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share sites I've found to be alternatives to this beloved platform.

Farewell email.

Ironically I would have not mentioned the three they did in the email, those being veed, that was pro (which I hadn't even heard of), and then the generic twitch clips feature.

What is Combo?

It is a repurposing tool meant to take your horizontal content, and turn it into the vertical format for platforms like tiktok, shorts, reels, and pinterest.

While first to market for this reformatting tool market, they quickly found themselves amongst competitors. Including CrossClip, which sort of became the main alternative. I have to hand to them, even with all of these new AI tools that have popped up. They were the first to do this selection highlight style repurposing.

The pink highlight box is what I am referring to.

However in trying to take this screenshot I actually re-encountered a fatal flaw. Which if the input video is ultrawide, which a ton of streamers do use 21:9 aspect ratio, it breaks the editor. However the point remains that the highlight certain sections feature, and have it show up in different places in the vertical output is really smart!

Why do you want a tool like it?

This is the kind of tool you would use for gaming content, but I can even see people using it for podcast clips too. Let's say you have made a ton of clips for linkedin and twitter, but haven't gotten around to posting to vertical platforms yet.

Well you can drop your horizontal clips, and make them into vertical. In fact before Opus Clip came out, this was what I thought I was going to have to do for my podcast clips.

However for gaming clips you almost have to have a tool like this, with all of the various HUD that each game has. That you may want to have in your gaming clip.

What are some alternatives?

This is a particular niche market in the content repurposing world, taking your long form gaming content, and turning it into vertical clips. While there are other tools that FIND your clips, these are the editors you can use to MAKE clips like Combo.


Ironically was based off of Combo's initial feature set, but had grown into its own thing (it was the first to do many different options like local upload or YouTube). Personally I liked how Combo kept adding new features, and wanted to use them. However my ultrawide footage for Apex would break Combo, and so I ended up using Crossclip the most.

I'm extremely disappointed just how little it has evolved over the last two years. Barely adding anything, but to be fair they did update the interface.

Cross Clip | The Easiest Way to Convert Your Twitch Clips
Convert your Twitch clips into TikToks, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and more with Cross Clip. Brought to you by the team at Streamlabs.

A tool that snuck into the market, but had more of an automation focus. Definitely has potential to grow. Although the tool itself is behind its competitors. Recently switched hands too, so I'm curious to see where new leadership takes it.

Automatically Upload Twitch Clips to TikTok and YouTube | Clipbot
“Before Clipbot I had 100,000 total views in 10 years. Clipbot broke that in one month.”


One of the alternatives I found to be quite well made. Not fully having all of the features, but also focusing on other ones like social sharing.

StreamLadder | Edit Twitch and YouTube clips for TikTok
StreamLadder is the best and the easiest Twitch clip editor and converter on the web. In four simple steps you can turn your favourite clips into TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. Our tool enables you to create amazing content within seconds. And the best parts: it is free, easy to…

That Was .Pro:

This one just came across my radar, so I don't have an objective opinion it yet. In fact it was a replacement mentioned by JoinCombo in their farewell email. Their website seems well made though!

That Was .Pro is an all in one solution for your editing needs.
Get stream highlights at your fingertips: AI-automated and instant clips converter to Tiktok/Shorts/Reels. You stream, we clip!

Highlighted Tool of the Week: Opus Clip

This is a tool that I partnered my personal brand with as it has made a monumental difference in my ability to create short form content as a solopreneur/solo creator.

I've been ambitiously trying to get them to work on gaming content as well. Instead of just focusing on podcasting/talking content. I've even experimented with half of a dozen different games, with varying results. However the potential for this tool to create gaming clips is immense! So keep your eye out!!

Opus Clip - AI-powered Video Repurposing
Opus Clip turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels to increase social media reach.

🥡 Takeaways

I wish Tucker and the rest of the Combo team the best of luck going forward in their new endeavors.

I wish any content creator using these tools massive success with their clips.

If you have any questions about any of these tools mentioned, or need help with strategies. Don't hesitate to tweet at me and ask anything! @polyinnovator

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