Create Platform Agnostic Content

TL:DR | Going omnichannel takes a lot of effort, but if you are able to systematize and simplify your content. Then it can become a much more manageable task!

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Create Platform Agnostic Content

You're a content creator right? Maybe you're doing it for your business, or maybe YOU are the business as a personal brand.

Anyways, anything you do online is your reputation, and where you decide to PUT that content ends up making a difference too. Do you try to be everywhere all at once? Do you focus on just 1-2 platforms? I'd say neither, but rather be on as many you possibly can workload wise.


So what does that mean for you? You'll have to create platform agnostic content. Meaning that if you are trying to reach as many as possible, then for at least a certain timeframe. You are not creating content specifically for just one platform/network.

Why is this such a big deal?

Look we only have so much time in the day, but you can't get away with just doing one platform anymore. It just isn't how it works in the modern content era. You are not only going to get drowned out, but worse you may get beaten by a competitor.

If someone is on say a podcast and youtube channel, and you're only on one; Then more than likely they're going to beat you out of the playing field. It is just how things go.

More than likely you can just collaborate and grow together, but that isn't the point. The point is that you want to be on as many platforms as possible, and to do so you create agnostic content.

How to go about it

I don't mean that you don't have a bite to your content, or that you don't take a stand! You definitely want to have your own ethos and take on things. Rather I mean agnostic in the sense that you don't necessarily care which platform you're on. You're still going to be you, and you are going to be on whichever platform gives you a voice.

By simplifying the creative process, and streamlining how you go about making it. You can then create more from less, and it allows you to also get a bit of a breather.

For example my PolyInContent series is based around this concept. I wanted to create a blog post, then video, then audiocast. All in one go,  and they were all on the same topic. I do create the blog and video manually, but I just chop out the audio. I also reuse portions of the blog as topic points in my video. It all follows an episodic formula if you will, that I can then use for microcontent.

Highlighted Tool of the Week:

I recently came out with my PolyInnovation Operating System, which also includes my PolyInContent Production System template. All built in Notion, which is an all in one productivity tool. Moreover you get to create a system that is best for you!

Notion – One workspace. Every team.
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Do note that this is an affiliate link! No extra charge for you of course! :)

🥡 Takeaways

While I'd personally suggest making a dedicated series for any platform of importance. I.e. YouTube or Tiktok. Until that point you have to think of things from a repurposing perspective.

Your content isn't going to be going nearly as far if you overly cater it to one place. Such as if you say HEY YOUTUBE AUDIENCE when you're going to be cutting that audio for a podcast. It just makes your audio listeners feel like they're missing out on something.

Making your repurposed content with the intention of being in multiple places in mind is key. The tonality, descriptive language, and how you format it all goes into that kind of agnostic content.

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