Your AI Companion

TL:DR | Using ai to help you achieve even greater heights for content creation and repurposing!

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Your AI Companion

I've been seeing a lot of new technologies coming out for using in all sorts of ways. From creating social media posts for you, text, image, video and all, to the actual planning and scheduling of the posts.

Of course it is all about how you use these tools, and a variety of content repurposing tools are using some sort of AI as well.

Why might you use an AI tool?

This is a good question to ask yourself. If you don't have a reason, then you shouldn't force it into your workflow. At least not yet, but if you can automate any part of your workflow effectively thanks to AI. Then yes, do it.

Perhaps you want to automate finding clips for your long form videos, summarize your blog post into a meta description or social post, create a chatbot for your website based on your own data, or maybe you just want to automate your social post scheduling.

These are very good reasons to use AI, and if you're a solopreneur like me. Then it will help you 10X.

How does it work?

I'm not an expert, but I use a ton of these tools, so I'll explain it as best I can. Most of them are going through GPT from OpenAI, or have built out their own AI to a degree. The system works by interpreting human language through text.

For example if you were to use then it transcribes your video, sends it to GPT, and from there finds the best clips through understanding the text version of the video. Samething goes for as well.

I see this post as more of an introductory, since it is just a newsletter after all. I encourage you to read up more, and explore the tools like the ones mentioned today.

Why ChatGPT will not make you more successful unless…
People think that ChatGPT is a cheatcode to success thanks to it being an AI. Although it is not quite what you think.

Highlighted Tool of the Week: Capacities

A modern tool for building out a second brain or a studio of the mind.

You can create pages out of "objects" which can be any taxonomy or category you way. They act like tags, but instead of the tags just forming a list. You can view them in any way you decide. They could be books, and you see them with the properties related to books. I.e. pages, how far along are you, goal from reading this, etc.

As a content creator you can make a group for "content", then multiple objects for podcasts, videos, and blogs. From there just create what you can imagine!

Capacities – A studio for your mind
A powerful note-taking tool. All your ideas – typed and connected.

🥡 Takeaways

AI is more of your companion, but not your replacement. Make sure that sinks in.

Don't over use it, or don't under use it either.

Find the tool that will help you gain the advantage, and run with it.



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