Why ChatGPT will not make you more successful unless…

TL:DR | People think that ChatGPT is a cheatcode to success thanks to it being an AI. Although it is not quite what you think.

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Why ChatGPT will not make you more successful unless…

Now while I have been using the chat bot excessively to ask questions, fill in the blanks of my own ideas, or even ask it to come up with ideas of its own. There are a lot of things I thought I could do with the tool, but as it turns out it isn't that capable.

Don't get me wrong it is an amazing tool, and I am going to keep using it often. That is just it thought, it is a TOOL, and people don't seem to get that. SO many people are trying to have it write essays, blog posts, or do all the heavy lifting for you in some way.

That isn't what it is for!

You shouldn't rely on it

People are coming up with strategies to use it as a content creation part of their ecosystem. Yes it can make posts, but between all of the Google bots checking for AI generated content; You're just going to be shooting yourself in the foot. If you take the post it wrote and expanded upon each paragraph, then it would be different enough.

You see that leads me into the point of the human touch. This tool is meant to be the accelerator for human creation, and not the replacement.

If you can't come up with something good on your own, then probably you don't know enough about it. Meaning if you're relying on the chatbot to be an expert on something then it isn't worth it.

I asked ChatGPT to write me code for a video game, and I got pretty specific at some points. I think if I continue down that path it will complete most of the game for me. A complex one at that. However what is the point of asking the chatbot to do that? If there is an issue with the code I'd not have known, as I couldn't read it yet. If there were missing parts in the game, and it couldn't give me a proper response. Then I'd have no way to fill in the gaps.

That is why I have been learning GDscript for Godot in order to make sure I know how to code the game when I ask the chatbot for help.

How to use it well

Initially my young grasshopper you must ask many questions, before you are able to ask the RIGHT questions.

Get used to how the tool responds to variety prompts. I asked it to write me songs, what is a polymath, give me a code snippet, and even how to make a video game in detail. You'll notice it is many topics, prompt structuring, and even my tonality is different.

You can get away with a typo, but try to fix them. Do not do more than one.

Find something you know well first to see how good the responses are in your field. Then ask for a field that is not something you are well versed in, so that you can learn from it.

Most of the time it gives you accurate information, but sometimes it does not. Make sure you know when those times are...

Also be sure to give feedback with the thumbs because we want to help make this tool even better.

What was the wheel to humanity?

While I'm not saying ChatGPT is as important to our global civilization as the wheel, but there are some parallels.

It accelerates us from where we were, to where we want to go. It caused me to get so deeply focused on game development that most of everything else I had planned got put into an after thought.

Use the tool responsibly, and find new ways of generating answers using the right sort of prompts. Share them with others too!

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