You Are the Course of Your Life

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You Are the Course of Your Life

Today it is on the idea of “Life as a Journey”, and how everything you experience from the minuscule to the grand, all culminates to an overarching story. Your Story. We are here to explore the deep connection between events, and how they come together in strong synchronicity.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” -Steve Jobs


How many of us spend so much time regretting something we did or did not do in the past? Oh I didn’t ask out that person, I did but I failed, or even didn’t even notice they were there until it was too late.

In our lives we accumulate many things that make us regretful, and even if we follow the YOLO trend, Carpé Diem, or Seize the Day ideal, it all comes down to chance. The situations are still out of our control, and something will eventually happen that we cannot control.

This is situation where life punches us in the gut, and walks away. In the presence of this we need to realize that not everything will be in our control. We cannot always seize the day to the fullest opportunity, avoid mistakes, and most of all avoid REGRET.

We need to learn from our experiences and move on.

“Yesterday is history…”


OH the glorious future! Nothing bad can be waiting for us there if we prepare, study, and make sure all of our finances are in order!! Yes, yes there can be bad, and in fact “One often finds his destiny on the path he makes to avoid it”! No matter what you do now, it may not ever happen, or it could always happen. You can never know and that should be something to be grateful for, not frightening.

You can’t prepare for the next Depression, World War, or even the next personal rejection. It just will happen without warning, and even if we get a hint that it will happen the most you can do is get as prepared as possible.

Finally then ride the coaster until it subsides.

Trying to brace yourself for every contingency weakens you over time, prevents innovation, and on the spot thinking. If you think you are prepared you will get lazy, and stagnant, you need to be prepared at a moments notice. As most situations happen in the moment, not in some isolated situation you can prepare for before!

“Tomorrow is a mystery…”


Ah welcome to today! This is the best moment of your life!!! Do you know why? It is because you are living it right now! That is the only guarantee of your life, that you are alive right now. That is the only situation you can change, modify, maneuver, or even see.

If you try to prepare for it, you will be too late.

If you overthink it, you will miss out on it.

HOWEVER if you try to absorb every second of it, you will be fulfilled.

Realize that today is all you have, and that if you “Do it Tomorrow”, it may never come. Please don’t be a person who waits until tomorrow, like NIKE says “Just DO it!”.

I wish that people would start looking around at the life they are experiencing right now, hell I wish that I looked around a little more. Everyone could benefit from looking around just a little bit more!

“Today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present!”


This is why we are here isn’t it? We are living, and we want to keep living. The other day I was researching on the topic of longevity. How I could get myself to live longer, I already have a pretty healthy life compared to most, but it could be better.

I want to accomplish great things in the world with the United Living Construct, but in order to do so I need be alive for it!

I want to be there for my descendants, I want to be there for the people, and most of all I want to be there when my dreams come into fruition. Perhaps I won’t, and I need to accept that now so that I can get every ounce of information I wish to provide the world NOW. The sooner that it comes, the quicker things can start to change.

This goes for your life as well, think about every little or big idea you have had. Have you documented them all, have you told people about them, HAVE YOU GIVEN THOSE IDEAS LIFE??

You can do that anytime, why wait? Why settle for the mediocre life, when you can create a magnificent one? Why let those ideas die with you on your death bed, when they can be released and improved upon?

Reach for the greatest of heights, create the best work you can, and never, ever, stop.

The Journey

The path you walk on is the path of your life. There is no need to rush it and in fact:

“We only get to play this game one time. We have one life.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

In the game of life there are so many choices, and most of them probably leading to very different branches or forks in your path. So what? You live on one path, if you missed something somewhere else, maybe you got something better on the path you chose. If it is the opposite where you went on the lame path, then make a better decision the next time! #learnfromyourmistake

#Makeachange in your mindset, and expand upon the world you perceive, open your heart and mind to the possibility of change. Not just change in the world, but change in yourself.


The synchronicity of it all still astounds me to this day, and the weird thing is that I had an level of understanding on this topic from a young age. Even when I was younger I would get Déjà Vu, have weird dreams that seem like I am looking into the future, and most of all would get extremely nostalgic often. Between all of these some people would say I was a Seer, or something of the sort. As a logical mind I felt that these were just fluff words, but as a spiritual person as well it resonated deeply with me.

It felt right.

I am not saying anything like that I am a Seer, or some sort of psychic, but I am saying that this world is highly connected. With people, places, and time. Everything has some sort of connection with SOMETHING. All you have to do is find that something.

I have always felt that I have a path in life, and I could sense where that path would be from a young age. My goals and ambitions have only evolved and gotten bigger as I aged, this I think is a good thing. Maybe a great thing for the world. If you can leave here with anything let it be this:

Live your life with compassion, and if you happen to find the connections then great, but if you don’t then do not worry yourself over them.

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