Make A Change Today

TL:DR | Driven by the compassion that creates impact. You can perceive the nuances of the potential future we all share. Let's start paying attention to the possibilities.

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Make A Change Today

Why You Have the Greatest Potential

Oh I cannot stress this enough! Every single person has the potential to create something great if they work hard enough, and this isn’t even my words. It is the culmination of all of the successful people of the past whom I have studied and learned from. Now some say certain people don’t have the chops, and that may be true, but everyone CAN learn. I fear that the ones who don’t have what it takes, AND choose not to learn are the ones going to be left in the dust.

However if you have the capacity to adapt, to become more than you are now, and to truly pursue what you want to go after then this is the post for you because the whole point of the United Living Construct is to bring people like you together. All in an effort to #makeachange in the world, I call it the #makeachangeunification, so either one of those hashtags work (Try using both though!). It is a matter of coming together in order to pursue the bigger picture.

Governments, organizations, and societies right now are failing at predicting where the future tides are going to take us, and they are lagging behind the overall curve. We need to get alongside the wave, and surf it if you will.

Surfing the wave of the future!

How to Have Massive Impact

This is great and all going towards a better future, but how in the world (literally) do we go about orchestrating this movement? Well it is a matter of three things: perception, attention, and compassion. I was going to say understanding, but compassion is a greater level; a deeper level of understanding one another. Here is why each of these three key points are the pinnacle of changing the world!


The way we perceive the world is greatly influenced by the media, leaders of our area, and most of all the mindset we employ when consuming that information. If we are closed minded, and only listen to our own viewpoints we will never get an outside view on things. A different perspective on the current situation, and most of all a different way of thinking.


Where our attention is crucial to the overall dynamic of communication, as the level of interaction between people is dictated by what sites we go on, what parts of the city we live or go in, and what philosophies we abide by.

Challenging the attention, especially with the low span that we have, is something that is going to be a great challenge. We have to overlay ourselves as the U.L.C. in many different areas to get the attention we need from the people we need.


Finally we need to approach every situation with a great level of compassion, we want to build a better world, and that world is full of compassion. We cannot hope to change the way we live by using the same tactics people are using now. The tried and true are futile, and only the ones that seem impossible, i.e. the compassionate route are the ones that will actually make a difference.

Immersing yourself in a compassionate mentality is actually quite natural when you get down to it, but changing the current mindset to fit into it is like breaking a really deep-down, ingrained habit.

What Defines Impact

What we use to define impact is simply emotional resolve, does it either make the person (you) who is trying to change the world feel fulfilled in this situation, or does it make the society/person (receiver) feel fulfilled or given a healthy dose of challenge?

Challenge is just feeling a little uncomfortable for a short time, but reaching a new height in life in the outcome.

Challenge yourself, and the people around you to go out and #makeachange!

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