The Universality of Finding YOUR Path

TL:DR | We are all a part of this great story, that each of us takes action within. Take a step into the journey that is life, and how it influxes into your soul.

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The Universality of Finding YOUR Path

Whether or not you like to get metaphysical, astrophysical, or even just spiritual; There is a lot to be said about why we are here. Growing from single-cell, to multi-cell organisms, to very complex living creatures. This grand journey is then broken down into our own various chapters. One of my wise teachers in high school made it clear to the class, that we are all the heroes of our own novel. Each chapter is like a year or phase in your life (however big you want the chapters to be), and each person you meet is a character in that story. However as quickly as they come, they soon leave after.

Some stay for a long time, and others are brief. We are all characters in each other’s stories, and once we connect those dots. We can then act like much better people, and act in the sake of that person’s story. Not just our own.

The Objection of Souls

I’m not sure how much I personally believe in things like reincarnation, or old souls, or even just there is something after death. That is not the topic I am facing today, but it is neat to think about how if your soul is reincarnated a lot. Then over time it ages you as a being, each physical life is then changed as a result.

I’ve been told I am an old soul, and there are plenty of times I can see why. Going past that however, one thing is for certain, that I have always known to a degree what I wanted to do in life. What my path would inevitably look like in some way.

Maybe the choices I made aligned with it, or maybe I would be there faster had I chosen better. MAYBE I wouldn’t have gotten this far had I not strayed so far from the common path. A black sheep if you will.

From a young age I was attracted to business and entrepreneurship, and that is probably because of the amount of freedom those endeavors entail. Beyond that I would say I would be a CEO, and I think that it was because of the power. Not the power to favor myself, but rather the power to change things. I didn’t know it at the time, but as I got older it became clear.

I didn’t want to lead a company, for the sake of leading a company and having power. I wanted to lead a company because that is what taking action looks like in our modern capitalistic world. If our current global state was different, then perhaps some other path would have come along.

A Look Forward

Whenever I look to the future, I see a world of joy. That doesn’t necessarily mean we will get there, and maybe not even in my lifetime. However I have the hope that we can #MAKEACHANGE in time enough to see that occur. There are a lot of things we can, and need to do to improve our global standing.

From innovating cities and urban sprawl, to transitioning to green energy, and revolutionizing education (through the Modular Degree of course!).

I believe that the path I took is the right timeline (for you multiverse nerds out there), for me to accomplish the various things I CAN accomplish in my life. Ideally I would to many things, and help in a multitude of areas. Innovating wherever I can, and polymathy is the key to handling that. I.e. where PolyInnovator, Polymath of Innovation, came into existence.

If you are reading this, then thank you for listening to the start of my life novel, and I would love to hear about yours!

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