Unification of Polymaths

TL:DR | How does one bring together multiple tribes? Creating an umbrella of various groups, and cultivating a hub of innovation!

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Unification of Polymaths

I’m finding all sorts of amazing people, and tribes/communities of polymathic individuals. From FB Groups, to random content creators, and even a subreddit. What I am wanting to do is find each of them, and then bring them all together in one place. Building up a Polymath Community through PolyInnovator.

EDIT/UPDATE: I no longer use Tribe, but rather Discord. It is easier for people to get used to, and a number of people are already on the platform. Here is the link https://discord.gg/5FqKF7ArRw

The reason why I am using tribe.so , instead of just making a FB Group, is that then WE own the site. Sure I’m still using the platform of tribe, but they’re not going to hinder the growth. Whereas FB could literally for some reason take away groups tomorrow. Not to mention you can do a lot more with tribe, like question/answers, or blog posts. I was aiming for a “Quadblogging” type of deal.

This brings me to the question then, how do I get everyone there? I actually already searched the entire main sites for the keywords polymaths, jack/jills of all trades, multipotentialites, etc. This is because I am making a series called the Multidisciplinary Spectrum, on the OmniContent.

Although, despite the tons of links and groups I found, there is not much for me to entice people into joining besides the premise. That alone will bring in the first group of people, which is fantastic. Although what about the main crowd of polymaths?

I know there are a lot more people like that out there, and that we are only scratching the surface.

What I am hoping to do is build brand awareness for my niche, which is polymathy, from there I’ll create more on the sub topics like education, exercise, and gaming. Although I have collected a massive list of resources for people, and I wanted to show what I found. I am going to start sharing those, and curating the great pieces I found on social media. Like reddit and twitter for example.

Between content curation with great already made pieces, fantastic omnichannel content creation on my part, and content repurposing from those said pieces; There is a lot that can go out and build up PolyInnovator. The goal is to do that, in order for me to help build up the community as a whole. That is my motivation!

Join the tribe for the polymathic! poly.tribe.so


PolyInnovator Joins People Together from All Over

Take a chance, and start your new life today. This being said it isn't without hard work, and it isn't some end all be all. The opportunities you face on this new world we call the internet can often overwhelm even the greatest. What I hope to create is a platform of change, built with the purpose of bringing #innovators together to #MAKEACHANGE.

The PolyInnovator Community

This is where the Polyinnovator Social Network comes in.

The community functions of this website act as a gateway to like-minded individuals who are here either for learning, or for innovative ideas. Either way the growth mindset is greatly apparent. This leverages the creativity of innovation, and the inspiration of learning. Combining both creative inspiration for a prosperous community.

I challenge you today to go on the community, find a circle of people who may resonate with you. Then in that group leave a message stating why you joined that group, and see what happens!

The Learning Courses

I would honestly say that probably even more important than the social aspects, are the learning portions. The courses on PolyInnovator are based around Self-Education, as well as Innovation skills. Both being separate tools of life, but both highly valuable. Surprisingly pretty much nowhere can you find reliable learning materials on each.

Changing Your Life

All in all, these tools are meant to give you that head start in life, and perhaps an extra edge over your competitors. Even more so maybe it will give you a chance to turn those so called competitors into allies.

The courses here are going to give you the opportunity to say no to college, or skip ahead of the curve; Either way the dynamic of learning should be truly understood. It is my mission to empower that understanding!

-Dustin M. PolyInnovator

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