Information Architecture: Why how you use Computers is Important!

TL:DR | How you organize data, and how you visualize using a PC. This is the idea behind the structure of your workflow and data.

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Information Architecture: Why how you use Computers is Important!

Whenever you are using a computer most of the work is done for you. What I mean by that is the front and back end engineers have cultivated a seamless experience for you to enjoy whatever platform you are on. They want to make the actions you take digitally, to be as easy as can be.

The downside to that is that most people lack understanding of how their device actually works. From phones to tablets, to PC’s and consoles. Each of these devices ARE computers, but they all have their distinctive feel to them.

That feel is the UI/UX, or user interface, and user experience. Something that engineers building the tools and software have to account for when creating it.

This doesn’t mean you need to become a programmer, although if you do then more power to you. Or even have to use the command line interface. I’m a power user myself, and I don’t even use the CLI.

The Architecture of Your Computer and Work

Point being is that computers and operating systems are built like physical building architectures. The way someone builds an OS, is quite a lot like how someone builds a large building. You have to think about the aesthetics, the functions of certain areas, the flow of the structure, and most importantly how strongly it’s built.

If you let one area be a weak point then one fatal influence, earthquake or virus, then the whole thing can collapse.

This leads me into the file explorer or visual desktop, homescreen, or dashboard. Basically every device has some sort of UI or frontend display. This is what you see when you activate the device. That is mostly all that you need to know, BUT what I encourage you to do today; Is to attempt to understand the backend aspects of computers. Whether you are using an iPad (tablet), Xbox (console), Windows Phone or Android, they are all computers. They for the most part all follow the same simple structure.

CPU, GPU, Ram (Memory), Storage, and Motherboard. (Of course there is a power supply, but that isn’t prudent for this post).

The CPU is the brains, this is what makes your console or phone more powerful each year or release. iPhones for example when they get older, in an effort to prolong the battery (as it weakens as it ages), Apple decided to slow down the CPU on older phones. The CPU processes all of/most of your tasks that you doing, all the snapchats you are sending, etc.

The GPU is the visual component, and is how videos are encoded to display on your screen, and powers your video games to work, etc.

The RAM and Storage is where many people get confused, but it is as simple as this: Short-term and Long-term memory. The RAM is like holding that thought in your brain that day, but by the time you go to sleep it’s gone. Storage is that memory of you playing with someone as a child, and that you don’t forget.

Granted you can erase whats on your hard drive, but it is much harder to erase a cerebral memory!

The Flow of Data

Beyond all of that, there is the software behind it all. Hows your display work, and how does it all get sent from one place to the next. Well that has to do with the databases and the structure I mentioned earlier.

When backend engineers are planning out the file system, and being able to pull something from the back of the closet so to speak. There is a need for organization, and really at a massive level.

You have your directory or phone book, which is “My PC” or your app drawer for example. Then it goes beyond that to the next layer down of folders, the down more folders, and so forth. Being able to create an intricate system of folders is no easy task. Then on top of that create an elaborate retrieval system to pull from those database.

Now you may be saying, well how does this effect me? How does it relate to your title?

When you visualize how an Operating System works like that, and create an organized structure (as a user, especially on windows and android, you have administrative power to control where a lot of things are); Then you can manipulate the system to be more productive for your needs, and move files around to be more quickly/easily retrieved. I.e. like pinning something to the start menu or homescreen.

There are some tools like, that give you the capacity to make organized systems like this for yourself. #systemsthinking

I even made a playlist to learn it!

Between your computer and tools like Notion to be your second brain if you will. Then you have all the means to accomplish your goals.

The point I wanted to make today is to think more in systems, and creating a branching path of data and personal endeavors/goals. If you organize your life and data more effectively, then you can retrieve it better as well. Meaning you can track how much progress you’ve made, go get that old archived video you made, and finally post it. Etc.

I hope this helped you think in a more broader manner!

Note: This is part of my daily quest for blogging everyday, I started the post in the day, but had left it until late at night. Busy work really, but I technically missed the deadline of doing it “this day”. Although it is only 12:30, and to me it is the same conscious cycle of this day! lol I am writing this portion as a means to show accountability, and even though I’ll make mistakes I want to be consistent!

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