The “Content Repurposing” Content Creator

TL:DR | It is an exciting time to be a content creator, and with all of these new tools on the rise. It was about time that someone became a content creator about content repurposing!

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The “Content Repurposing” Content Creator

Content creation is about making things like videos, podcasts, and blog posts. You create each kind of medium, or maybe just one, and share your ideas with the world. We have learned well before the internet, that by breaking it up into smaller bits, and then sharing those. Then you are able to grow so much faster.

Basically taking your content, and turning it into microcontent.

Thus content repurposing comes into play, and I realized there are not that many creators in THIS space. Most of them are from the content repurposing companies. Which I mean isn't a bad thing, but it left an open door for an agnostic creator to bridge together all these tools.

Why become a content creator centered around repurposing? Well for one I am a huge nerd when it comes to this, and I have been for as long as PolyInnovator has been around. I remember years ago scouring all search engines for any ideas or information on repurposing. Let alone any tools (as there wasn't really out there).

I randomly came across, which was amazing, and it was made to solve the problem for creators.

Nowadays we have an explosion of new tools, here is a quick link to see them all at once, and I noticed that no one was talking about these amazing sites.

Whether it is,,,, or something else. They deserve much more attention.

How I stand out is that I try to be fair, sometimes brutal, and agnostic as possible. In my reviews I made for this Digest I wasn't very lovey dovey to all aspects of the tools. Probably to the dismay of the founders, but I was honest. About both the good and bad, and that is helpful to the people wanting to try the tools.

Even if I had a bad experience with one, but then had a good experience; I don't let the previously bad time impact how it currently is. That I think is crucial.

Most of the content repurposing tools I've used has had some sort of error, break down, or issue. Especially when it comes to transcription in my experience (probably because of the complexity of topics discussed on the video), and that is okay. I know that most of these tools are merely months, or a year old, and that means they are going to get better.

Not to mention I've talked to the founders of most of them, and they are hungry for success. Hence another reason why I became a creator in this space.

Highlighted Tool of the Week: has for the most part replaced for me. I'm still working on transitioning my databases, including content, into it. However this note taking app is a game changer when it comes to your information architecture.

Basically how you structure your data, and when you realize just how convenient it is to have everything all in one place on your computer. That will be a growth accelerator.

Obsidian: A knowledge base that works on local Markdown files.

🥡 Takeaways

The importance of content repurposing cannot be understated, and while tools can help you. They are just now getting to the point where you can replace old methodologies (i.e. editing your tiktoks in premiere for example). Don't get too eager to completely adopt just one tool, but make sure you give it an actual shot. Pay for the first month even, or at least do the trial.

One thing I've learned is that you can't get a full understanding just by looking at the site. You got to try them a few times to really see how things go.

I really want people to reach out too, if they disagree with my reviews, or have questions about various tools. Perhaps if you just want a recommendation based on your situation. I'm happy to share my knowledge. :)

I even made a website to gather all of the tools in one place! I need to work on the domain name though. Check out PolyTools:


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