48 - Swimming Against the Current - Up/Down, Left/Right

TL:DR | In order to face the obstacle ahead you must face it head off. Rather than head on. Taking an around approach. Don't face it head on.

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48 - Swimming Against the Current - Up/Down, Left/Right

Have you ever wondered how to go faster in the water?

What it takes to increase your speed physically when it comes to movement in the water? It all comes down to the angle of movement, up down left right, instead of forward. Think of how a torpedo has a fan in the back to propel itself, that fan is moving side to side.

Why + Philosophy:

It is honestly a really simple concept, but most people don't think about it. In fact it took me a long time to really conceptualize.

Every stroke, kick, and if you really get down to it: every fish / aquatic creature. They all propel themselves forward in the water by going in one of the cardinal directions.

I.e. kicks go up and down, arm strokes up and down, and fish go side to side.

How + Physics:

When you swim "properly" with good form you are optimizing your movements up and down (sometimes left to right). Meaning that the better you swim, the better your actual ascension or descension are being done.

When your arms are aiming at the right angle, or coming up at your side at a minimal resistance. That is what I mean.

Additional example could be when you are kicking. Proper kicks are your legs 99% of the way straight (don't want to lock your knee), but you aren't letting it bend when using the muscles. Fluttering instead of curling.

When you bend your knee and kick (doggy paddle kick) you are pushing the water forward and back, which is why it doesn't really do anything for you besides waste energy. However when you straighten out your legs, and flutter kick. Then it switches to an upward/downward movement. Allowing you to propel forward.

What + Psychology:

I think the point of this post is pretty clear, as I hope you'll start to think about how you are moving when in the water. Visualizing the difference while in the moment.

This is why I have the psychology section in these newsletters, as how you think greatly determines how you move and act.


This is a weird concept to explain, and I hope that in the book I can expand upon it more.

Seeing yourself in action is helpful for this exercise, have someone take a video of you, and then look at your arms + legs. Are they moving forward and back? If so, find a way to switch them to the proper directions.


This is advice for people to level up their swimming, or perhaps get started in the first place. While you swim you should make sure you are doing so in a public facility with a lifeguard on duty for safety.

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