Screw Common Structure and Style

TL:DR | A modern take on blogging without the tight and rigid form of modern blogging.

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Screw Common Structure and Style

I've been blogging for nearly a decade, and I have my own way of styling a post. Making it readable, getting the basics of SEO, and overall providing strong value. I was thinking that especially with the Fireside Codex, but even with the OmniBlog, that I don't care about the formalities of blogging.

I mentioned this from the get go with the codex that I wasn't always going to follow best practices. However I realized in general the OmniBlog as a whole is my content, I make it for people, and I make it to share ideas. Although there is no law saying I have to follow the strict rules of blogging.

Sure that COULD impact the growth of the blog, or perhaps some people may have a harder time following the posts. Despite that possiblity I do not think it is true, this is because I am a good writer.

I've been writing for so long now that many practices are inherent. I always make good (at least in my own creative opinion) thumbnails, I make sure there is a description/excerpt for SEO and TL;DR, and overall I make it readable by breaking the post up well.

The Challenge of Everyday

I want to be writing everyday, not only to dramatically increase my output, but also to gain a better habit. That I could then extend to books and long form posts, and it is working for the most part.

I want to be the next Seth Godin or Gary Vee, but better.

This is all great, but what is the point of this post? The idea I wanted to share is that I won't be stuffing keywords into my posts, and I won't be going super far out of my way to make everything perfect. I'll naturally do some best practices out of pure habit, and I do intend on making backlinks in posts. I.e. if I mention "Polymath" I'll link to my definition post, and so forth. That is good for web ranking, and there isn't really a reason for me not to besides time.

By letting go of the expectancies of what a blog "Should be", I can then challenge the norm, and make what a blog COULD BE. Not to mention many of my posts talk about a lot of out there topics such as polymathy (not common of a niche as of YET), Kardashev Scale, world change, changing education as a whole, and much more. All of which are somewhat grandiose topics, and I expect people who read the blog to be able to handle them, or for me to explain in post what they mean/why it is important.

I'm a still a Content Creator for the People

This post isn't to be anti-conformist, or even non-conformist per se, but rather just carving my own path using my knowledge of the conformity. Being wise on whether or not a certain way, whether it is common or my own, is the best choice at that moment.

I think a lot of people are doing something like this, and eventually there comes a time where SEO has to come into play. There is also the creative expression aspect, and the point of value.

I want my posts to bring value to people. Like this one should inspire someone like me to do their own thing, or perhaps excite people reading this for what is to come. That is the idea at least, and over time the stuff I make will either be good or it won't. Seth Godin says out of all of his posts, that half of them aren't that good. I couldn't find the exact number of what he has made, but in 2017 he reached a good 7000 blog posts. 🤯🤯

I want to be that, but with the OmniContent ideal. Meaning written, audio, AND video. Really maximizing my creative output, and being a multi-format/omnichannel content creator.

Note: I am not at all dissing on people who choose that path of following best practices. More power to them, and I'm probably doing more of them than I realize myself. I just wanted to put out there that I don't intend on following the norm. :)

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