Four Pillars of PolyInnovation

TL:DR | The areas of life of the Four Pillars, the MIND BODY SPIRIT & EMOTIONS, they all fit into the Four Tiers of the PolyInnovation System.

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Four Pillars of PolyInnovation

I've been constantly working on my Notion OS for myself, and overall my productivity. This is because over the past decade I have been working on my own personal growth. This is what lead into me creating the U.L.C. and PolyInnovator in the first place.

Despite the system we are going to talk about today being in a different order; I actually experienced it reverse for myself. Which could have been why I wasn't making as much progress? Or perhaps was the reason why I got so motivated from such a young age, I'm not sure.

It all started with...

The Four Pillars Philosophy

A modernized take on ancient philosophies from around the world, and really just a simplified version. I don't think it replaces anything, nor does it stand alone either. You can add it to anything, and that is the point: Ease of implementation.

It goes after the four major areas of life that I observed: The mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Sure there are other areas such as finance or purpose, but they end up being covered by the main Four Pillars in some way.

This was the first part of the system I created during my own growth.

The Personal PolyInnovation Operating System

The idea is essentially the Foundation of Self-Education, the Consistency of Self-Improvement, the Exponentiality of Self-Development, and the Output Creation of Self-Branding.

They all fit into this input and output flow, like some productivity systems out there. I found that the consistency came from my routines, such as habits and systems. After I was motivated by the WHY of the Four Pillars, why I should act, and take care of myself. I then wondered how the hell do I implement that into my daily or weekly life?? It was rather upsetting or even stressful, but then I realized how simple it is form habits. Purely just consistent practice, and creating rituals to follow.

After that came the time for me to work on the beginnings of the PolyInnovator brand, and the ending of the U.L.C. for the time. I realized I needed to improve on many accounts, and simply gain more knowledge. The best way I found was through self-education. Thus came about the DIY Modular Degree.

Mind - Self-Education - Modular Degree

I realized today when working on my Notion dashboard that the four areas of the PPS, also fit into the Four Pillars as well.

The Self-edu really came into play when it came to the Mind. Expanding it, and learning new skills to master. Sure there are other areas of the mind, such as mental health, but most people get out of bad spots by educating themselves out of the mental hole they faced. Or by going through another Pillar. I.e. Body or Spirit.

The mind became the input, the learning, and the start of the System.

Growth Mindset

It does start by going for a growth mindset in life, and striving to learn something everyday in some shape or form. People often struggle with this unless the curiosity comes naturally. I think for most people it does, but as we age it gets squashed.

Cultivating a growth mindset and curiosity is rather a skill, and one must pursue it with intention.

The Modegree

This became a do it yourself education, an endeavor to expand my Mind Pillar, and eventually became what is known as the Modular Degree now. I realized from my experience with the United Living Construct, that I wasn't good enough to be the person I envisioned. That isn't a bad thing, and I am grateful I understood my need for growth. It only came from an absence of ego, and it is hard to employ that open mindedness in life.

In that mindset I decided to pursue some form of education. Sadly, there was no degree offered around the world that satisfied my needs for what I thought my future career would entail.

I decided then to create my own, and thus the Modegree was born.

Body - Self-improvement - Habits and Systems

The functional body machine, and the tool we use to experience our lives. What we do with it is key to how we live. The ability to keep progressing in live is directly linked to how we use our body. Our actions throughout the day, the habits we employ, and the systems we rely on.

For example I am at my desk all day, that would lead to a bad posture, and so I try and compensate for it physically through exercise.

Your Rituals and Routines

Now let's think about this, what are the things we do for our Body Pillar? We eat three times a day, workout 4-5 times a week, sleep 7-9 hours, and probably do some sort of health regimen as well. This is of course an "ideal" situation, and what our society is accustomed to. What we are realizing however is that it doesn't fit everyone.

These rituals have only formed in our lives due to social constructs, and with the advent of the internet, we can now find people who fit different molds. Find new ways of living that better suit our own lives. Your rituals dictate your Body and life, so why then live off of someone else's rules?

How they Compound

This can often lead to things like obesity, as people who may not need three meals a day, would still insist on eating them or more because of the societal pressure we have on how to live our lives. Every day those extra meals that this person may not need would compound into extra calories and fat.

The opposite is true as well. We are all told three meals a day, but when I was a teenager working 20 hours of fitness instruction a week I needed much more. In fact instead of the 1500-2000 calorie diet we instinctively follow, I instead needed closer to 4000 calories. This is because I was still trying to gain weight, and I kept burning off my muscle.

Note: At one point I was at 7% body fat, and this was great in an energy sense, but I wanted to gain muscle too.

Systems are the Way

How we go about building those habits that compound over time comes often from just literally doing them. Don't want to floss? Too bad go get up and do it.

In fact that is what I just did, I have been cultivating a flossing habit after a filling came out of my tooth. Shook me a bit, and I wanted to take even better care of my teeth.

Sometimes it takes grit, or even "AU's - Attention Units" as Tim Ferriss says, and that is okay you CAN spend your daily energy on those habits. In fact you should, especially when they are just starting out. I knew that my system of getting into a writing habit is far stronger than flossing, so despite the fact I interrupted my flow with this I can get back into it.

Rely on systems when you can, build habits where you can, and use your grit to do the things that make you uncomfortable in all other cases.

Spirit - Self-Development - Four Pillars Philosophy

I found that I have often taken a spiritual approach or philosophical lens when it came to the Four Pillars. That is because I came up with the ideology after learning from many cultures from all over. I found myself overwhelmed from the wisdom, that I needed to channel it. Use it, or at least try to understand it.

Thus came forth my personal view on the four major areas of life, and how to go about improving them. Since they are a holistic view, and system I felt that the Spirit Pillar fit best.

You have to approach them from the WHY first, the philosophy first, and that is hard for some. Especially if they are too caught up in their Mind or Emotions more so. Everyone starts with their own main Pillar, and grows from there.

Understanding that it all links together, and is a holistic system is often hard for people to fully grasp.

You must see the big picture if you are ever to know the finer details.

Emotions - Self-Branding - Networking and Reputation

The Emotions Pillar deals with the Interpersonal as well as the Intrapersonal lives. Basically how you act with others, and how you act with yourself. Oftentimes the latter being of a bit more importance.

Some people ignore their inner speak, and they live without ever knowing how they truly feel. Without understanding yourself how can you ever hope to understand others.

Conversely, you can go from the other direction as well. By understanding how people operate in general, understanding pschology and neuroscience you can get a unique lens. That leads you to understand the common underlying habits/practices we all do as a species.

Giving you extra insight on your own actions.

Personal Brand

I think this leads into the output portion of the PolyInnovation System well, for you get an mindset for how to sell yourself essentially. How do you explain yourself to others? Well you have to understand how people think, and make use of that knowledge.

Let me tell you something, that is called Marketing!

Cultivating a Network

When understand yourself you can then know what you want, but when you understand others you can understand what THE OTHER PERSON wants. That is far more powerful.

In a good way.

When you can reach into someone else's desires they are much more willing to work with you in any way you think is best. It is the win-win scenario where you can help them, and in doing so it helps you. In some cases it may be more one sided, but as long as you strive to make sure the winning side is the other person; Then you have won in the end.

That builds a true relationship.

Creating a Reputation

Your emotions are the spark of life, and are the more primal aspect to our minds/life. If you convey those emotions, then people pick up on them. They resonate with you in some way. Could be agreement, could be anger, or it could be compassion. Regardless, they are reaching into your soul in some way.

That connection leads to a mental model of who you are in their head. That is your reputation. That is your ouput.

Changing the Viewpoints

Each of these "tiers" as I've referred to them as before, of the PolyInnovation System, are just layers to build off of. They start with the foundation, and grow from there. Eventually they have an end point, an ejection, and that is the output you create. Whether that is a connection with someone, a book you write, a blog post or piece of content, it doesn't matter.

It starts with an in, and ends with an out.

That idea is still growing on me, and when I related it to my Four Pillars Philosophy it really struck a nerve.

I had to write about it, and output this unique viewpoint. In case that perhaps this is the one post on the Four Pillars that resonates with YOU the most.

Self-EduDevMent, PolyInnovation, and Notion

The next post I'll be writing will be of my trials with, and how I want to incorporate this philosophy or WHY, into a system or HOW. It is an interesting translation process, and one that can't be the same for everyone.

However I want to try and build a baseline for others to copy down the line.

We are in an age of modern advances, but we don't use them for nearly enough aspects of our lives. That is changing from what I can tell, and I hope to be a pioneer in that evolution.


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