My Thoughts on My 10 Year High School Reunion

TL:DR | I am a scholar, NOT an academic. I HATED high school because of how constraining it was. It even lead me to literally creating my OWN DEGREE after I left. Yet... I still miss parts of it.

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It has been an entire decade since I was in high school. Many days have gone by where I don't even think about school (in general). Then there are other days where I regret certain decisions, or in-actions from that time.

I wondered how everyone I knew had changed, and if people would care about how much I have.

Out of the 600-ish people that were in my class, only about 10% showed up to the reunion. Which the hosts did a good job IMO getting people to come. It just means people didn't care, or couldn't come from out of state.

The Fates of My Peers

I never felt like I fit in when I was in school. Not only am I an outlier personality wise, even as an adult, but I also didn't really belong to any group or clique.

I thought I was unpopular, and that people disliked me for the most part. I've learned in the years since, that I had more friends than I thought. One even exclaimed to me that I looked like I didn't give a F***. Which to be fair I did a good job at "faking it til I made it".

I started lifeguarding towards the end of HS, and it boosted my confidence tremendously. It became my life, and I had a group of people that I had something in common with.

I realized post graduation, that I was a lot more popular than I initially thought. That wasn't because I was a football player or star actor, but rather because I KNEW a LOT of people.

When I met someone, I was genuinely interested in them, and I would say hi to them in the halls. It is for that reason I think I was able to connect with a lot of people. Even after high school, people who I rarely talked to, they would still recognize me... and me them.

It was good to see that people were following their dreams, and being successful after graduation.

I'm going to have more than one "10 Year Reunion"...

This is something that is a bit hard for me to talk about, which mainly it is because most people misunderstand what happened to me.

At the end of my 2013 year I was exasperated and overwhelmed. My parents fought every day, I was always taking care of my little sister (who I love to death), and I had a full eight class schedule (with no study hall).

Part of the school schedule issue was because I was never much of an academic. Which meant I was also behind a couple credits, but I was striving to finish up strong.

Eventually between my troubles at home, working nearly every day, and having a full school day of classes. I decided I wanted to Withdraw, and that is different from dropping out. I had full intention of graduating, and no inclination towards a GED (which I know is a perfect path for some people).

I guess however to the school it was as if I was dropping out to them. They made my life hell to get back in the next year like I wanted to. My counselor who I thought had my back, completely forgot to put me in the registrar for classes. Meaning when the next year came I had nothing for me.

I wanted to withdraw so that my workload would be significantly less, and it was. I had to convince an administrator to let me back in to finish. I had just English and Math left to do, and I ended up testing out of math ironically.

Although this gave me an opportunity to take one of the best classes of my life, which was Mr Frissell's Classical Ideas and World Religions class. By far the best class I took in school, and he was sort of a hero of mine as well.

I was a Brupie/Kewin

Additionally, I didn't just go to Hickman, there was a whole part of me that belonged to Rockbridge as well.

I moved my Sophomore year, which meant I changed schools. Though I finished my time there.

I took Summer School at both places the year before my first year at the school. Meaning I got to explore the grounds before they all opened.

I had a year a RB, a year at HM, and then my first senior year I had gone to both actually. Some asked "how?", and well I took enough classes to balance it. It may be closer to 60%/40%, but to me it felt like 50/50. I had Honors Astronomy and a couple career center courses (which I spent the time before and after at RB before heading back to HM).

Meaning I had almost the exact amount of time at each school, at least until my "super senior year", which was part time anyways.

The Reunion was Good

I've said to some that it was Mid, but I had a good time. I think I got more out of it than other people might've, simply because I tried to mingle with as many people as possible.

Personally, I enjoyed things like this, and I hope that the next one is even bigger.

Perhaps they can combine the HM and RB classes at the 20yr for simplicity's sake.

I know not everyone cares about them, some had told me they want to forget about that part of their life, and I get it. I shared part of my story today of that time, it wasn't pleasant for the most part. However it is still worth remembering, and sharing those memories with fellow students.

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