57 - Fluidity Through the Water

TL:DR | Quite the philosophical post today about the flow and fluidity of the water. How smoothly you move, and how it is directly connected.

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57 - Fluidity Through the Water

Water is a liquid, pools are water, and so pools are a liquid. Seems so simple right? Yet, when we are in the pool swimming or exercising this simple idea can get lost.

Imagine a fish.

Swimming back and forth, side to side, free as a bir... well fish.

Why + Philosophy:

The concept is fluidity, or simply how smooth you move through the water. Choosing not to brute force your way, and taking a more philosophical approach. Hence why the first section of these swimming posts is ALWAYS the WHY.

This post I'll be honest is a bit out there, but if you grasp what I am trying to convey; Then it will help you tremendously in all manners of swimming.

How + Physics:

Back in the day when I taught water aerobics it taught me something about swimming. As an instructor I'd be up in the pool deck looking to the class as a whole, or right there beside them doing the movements.

One of the core movements I'd have them do is running across the pool. The idea was that the extra resistance would help them burn more calories. It was hard, for any person. However some people, err most people, would make it harder on themselves because they would prance on their toes.

Instead of putting the whole foot down, and pushing with the whole entirety of the surface area of their foot. They would prance like a deer. That was one problem, and the other was that they would grasp the water with their hands at every opportunity. Instead of making more controlled movements.

What + Psychology:

The point is that how you think you should move, how you actually move, and how it goes with or against the water. They are all different!

Changing the mindset from the get go will help you set the baseline. Practicing proper form, and making sure you take the least resistant path (the smoothest). Then finally understanding how the water ebbs and flows, and how it moves in general.

These are all MENTAL undertakings, that start from a philosophy concept.


I'm not sure if everyone will get this, or no one. This is because I've tried to explain it to people before. Whether it was swimming or water aerobics, it doesn't matter. You have to "empty your cup", and be open to a new way of viewing the pool.

From there it changes your perceptions on every movement you do in the water.

This is advice for people to level up their swimming, or perhaps get started in the first place. While you swim you should make sure you are doing so in a public facility with a lifeguard on duty for safety.

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