A Failed Daily Habit

TL:DR | Why am I writing? Especially since I already failed. However after reading a post about daily writing, 500 words-ish, and particularly with no goal in mind besides writing I was curious. I wanted to see if I could handle such a task.

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A Failed Daily Habit
Edit: This post was originally made on #blockchain platform. However I did not write any posts, and it laid dormant for a solid month at the least. This was one of my posts I made in reference to the fact that I tried a daily habit at the time, but failed to keep it up for a time.

However after reading a post about daily writing, 500 words-ish, and particularly with no goal in mind besides writing I was curious. I wanted to see if I could handle such a task. What matters is that I wrote, no subject, no goal beyond that, and no traffic reasons to focus on. Just simply writing, and I liked that idea.

Especially since there are many things that my main content stream for PolyInnovator, that I don't get to talk about. Even though it is a PERSONAL brand, and although I don't care per se about writing a post for it that doesn't relate to the phase/season it is in. I felt that it wasn't a good fit for a daily series.

This is where this Airtext blog (now the Fireside Codex) came into play, an open playground, and I get to stretch my writing skills once again. Just like I did when I first started blogging back in 2011. Now honestly I wanted to do a bullet journal type of thing, but despite the desire to do such a thing I never have. I really have treated this blog as my personal voice, but not a journal.

Forming a Habit

Alright a solid goal, just simply write every day, but I haven't... Literally the one thing motivating me to write on this blog, the daily aspect, I have already failed at. Why continue then?

Well failure isn't a stopping point, more of a reminder. That notion of me failing shouldn't haunt me, as much as I want to make myself suffer for it, as much as it should motivate me to keep going.

The point of the daily writing is to build a habit, formulate it, and cultivate it.

More importantly once that habit is built, if I were to combine it all with all my writing endeavors. There is a lot going on, and I really will create a writing system that doesn't fail much.

That is what I hope for, to create a system (like I have for working out), that even if I slip one day I will make up for another day.

When having these systems in place it really takes off the negative pressure.

The Codex is like Da Vincian Notebooks

Now just to say it again. I am writing on here to form a daily habit, if I fail then move on, and keep writing. I want these to either be channels of energy, such as if I am feeling some sort of strong feeling, or perhaps trains of thought that need an output. Perhaps they could lead to something more in the future.

Honestly an underlying hope is that this blog is hidden for a while, that hardly no one sees it, and that when someone finally does find it; then it acts like a treasure trove into my mind.

My hero is Leonardo Da Vinci, if I could delve deeper into his mind I would love that. He wrote journals too, and I can learn from those (still haven't done it much either). I hope that one day this could act like that for someone else. Through PolyInnovator, the United Living Construct, or something else I create I will change someone's life. Through that they develop a superfan mentality, and love everything I create. If I can do that for someone then all of this writing will be a gift to them. <3

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