World of Zeemo

TL:DR | A video game saga to rival the greats! This is the story of my secret saga I've been working on since a young age.

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World of Zeemo

A future rpg saga that will be made by yours truly, for I have been making it all my life.

Long ago I started playing video games, and with this blooming interest of mine I collected ideas. These ideas would later form stories, and eventually a future saga of a storyline.

I have loved all kinds of games, and so I have cultivated influences from all over. Hopefully in the end I can create something truly unique. The reason for this post today, besides my idealistic hope of writing everyday, is so that I can share my secret project with you.

All throughout my life I have been writing this story, and I really wish I took it even more seriously when I was younger. I probably could have actually created something public by now. However I felt that I was naive, or not talented enough really. Then after I become a content creator I realized my worth, and even more so the treasure trove of content I already created in the past. I had it all on paper, with childhood/teenage drawings, that only a mother could love! However there was unique character design, interesting development ideas, and overall a unique setting that could tell a compelling story.

The more I learned about writing storylines, character development, and overall making things interesting the better it got. I have since digitized everything, and started revamping ideas for a more modern age. Not to mention many ideas sadly got lost with time, and I even remember RECYCLING some of my creations when I was younger. (SO STUPID). I literally created a comic, drew it all, and recycled the whole thing.

What is it?

I call it the World of Zeemo, which is a username and moniker I held for over a decade. However it grew beyond that with this series, which just note that I currently have around a dozen game ideas. A lot of which may never see the light of day, for I do not know where this particular journey will take me.

I created PolyInnovator, as my personal brand; A subsection of that is "PolyInnovator Gaming", which will be the umbrella I use to create this game series. Maybe I'll even brand it as PolyInnovator Game Studios, who knows! (Do note that these are my copyright, and that they are not open for external use!)

It is interesting to note that after playing countless RPG's my thought processes have changed, and I recognize tropes in the genre. I wanted to take those and run with them in a different way. Perhaps completely turn them on their head!

Why do it?

For one the love of video games, it is the indie creators that have the passion that often create some of the best games. I.e. Stardew Valley, or Ori and the Blind Forrest.

I have no idea when they will be created, or when I'll "officially" start development. I have already started writing out characters, creating world maps, and doing everything I currently have the skills for at the moment.

Not much more to tell

At this point I simply wanted people to be aware of it, and if for some reason the story doesn't come to life; That perhaps some descendant of mine, or family member, can log into my databases and finish the job for me! Although this goes for all my creations, but that is just the pessimist in me. I am sure I can do it!!

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