Why YOU Should Multi-Stream

TL:DR | "Simulcasting" or if you call it “multistreaming”, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you are reaching as many eyeballs as possible. There is no dilution to your brand, but rather amplification instead.

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Why YOU Should Multi-Stream

This goes out to all of my content creators and streamers out there. Do not put all your eggs in one basket! Mixer shut down, and all of the creators were left to rot. Vine shut down, Twitch was close to getting sued, and many platforms we think as "forever" going to be there... won't. Even YouTube I have a very strong feeling is going to be replaced one day with something like Odysee.

I was watching a ton of "How to be a Streamer" type of videos, and a lot of them come into this idea of multistreaming. Ironically it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I came across Restream SUPER early on, and sadly I wasn't there for their LTD offer, but I have been eyeing the platform for a while. Too expensive for my taste, but Youstreamer has some technical problems (security certificates kind of thing). Not to mention you want to avoid Streamlabs like the plague.

What does that leave you with? Should you also multistream at all? What does a multiplatform streamer even look like? I try to answer these questions in today's out of the blue blog post!

Why Multistreaming is a Good Thing

Let's start off by pointing out that you are going to have an audience on each platform. It may be small amounts on each at first, but by streaming to all at once. Then instead of streaming to just a couple people on Twitch, you can stream to a dozen people between all of them. That increase in the amount of people in stream might make a huge difference in how populated it feels to you as the host, and how much fun it appears to others. Making for better video on demand content too.

We are seeing more and more issues with Twitch as a platform, and who knows maybe it will go the route of Mixer. I doubt it, but it is certainly changing rapidly. People who once adored Twitch, are now moving in droves over to YouTube Gaming. Pewdiepie even moved to D.live entirely. I'm really curious about Trovo and Caffeine myself.

All of these platforms have their own unique perspective and gimmicks, and I think you should try streaming to them individually first to see how it works. Then put it all together. Reach as many people as possible!

Do NOT put all of Yours eggs in ONE Basket
Being a content creator means you are more valuable to your audience on multiple platforms. Don’t be a one trick pony as they say.

Some reasons why it might be bad

For one if you are Twitch partner or even just affiliated, it can mean a lot of turmoil over your contract. In fact I think if you're partner you can't stream anywhere else, or certainly at least not multistream. I know that a lot of streamers use that income as their main source, but most of the big streamers state not to.

As it limits you from expanding, and puts your eggs in one basket once again.

Additionally, depending on the tool you are using for the multi RMTP service, the chat may or may not be aggregated. Meaning you'll see only say one platform at a time chat. Restream syncs them together, but the bot that shows up in people's streams is really distracting. It always is like "RestreamBOT: From Facebook (or whatever platform here), Mike D says: (then it puts their chat at the end).

It works but it is quite the aesthetic bog.

What Platforms CAN you use?

I'm not going to even share a link to Streamlab's tool, out of pure dignity. However there are plenty of other options, including the tool that they blatantly copied!

Let me know which you use, and tell me your thoughts! I'd love to hear them.


Out of east Europe comes a unique platform, that technically competes with Restream. I know I sound very hesitant in that previous line, but I want to be upfront. I think this is a great endeavor, and there needs to be more competition in the space. Although I personally haven't used it enough to give a solid review. :)

Re-stream to any platform
YouStreamer - is the easiest tool to multistream to facebook, youtube, twitch, mixer and many other platforms

Straight from OBS

You can actually just use a plugin with OBS, IF you have the bandwidth to handle that many outputs. I don't think my upload speeds would work with this, despite my download speeds being around 500mbps.

Multiple RTMP outputs plugin
homepage: https://sorayuki.github.io/obs-multi-rtmp/ This is a plugin to streaming to multiple RTMP servers concurrently.It’s able to share encoders with main output of OBS to save CPU power.It can also use standalone encoders with basic...


The OG in this space, that honestly not of people STILL don't know about. I find that I keep coming back to checking it out. I really am at the point where any of these options are looking good to me personally for PolyInnovator Gaming, but the cost keeps going up with Restream.



While more for podcast-like videos, rather than game streaming. I honestly think this could be a great option for many streamers. I have been on shows that used this tool, it was swift, simple, and modern.

Perhaps if you wanted to do something like a multi person stream, or perhaps have someone chat with you while you do a virtual camera in OBS. That may be an interesting idea. (proceeds to write it down after typing lol)

StreamYard | Browser-based live studio for professionals
Engage your Facebook, or YouTube, Live audience with interviews and shows; all the tools you need for professional shows right in your browser.


While a bit newer on the market from what I can tell. Seems to be doing well, and I am curious to see how it develops.

Multistream to Twitch, Facebook and 40+ platforms - Livepush
Livepush is the easiest way to stream live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and 40+ platforms at the same time, with the biggest money savings. Start streaming to multiple sites for absolutely free

Other platforms:

Stream To Multiple Sites Easily
Castr is a live video streaming solution platform that delivers enterprise-grade live videos globally with CDN. Live event streaming, video hosting, pre-recorded live, multi stream – all in one place using Castr.
Splitstream | Multistreaming
‎Multistream Studio
‎With Multistream Studio you can simultaneously broadcast to multiple live video services while using your favourite app (like OBS or Streamlabs), video camera, hardware encoder or mobile phone. It acts like a middleman copying your stream to multiple destinations. Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twit…

A List of Streaming Sites

I almost didn't think to put this here, but there are a lot more sites than just YouTube or Twitch. In fact I was going to make a post purely for this list, but it fits way better in this type of post.

Obviously there is YouTube and Facebook. However there is also:






I'm pretty sure you can livestream to it, at least if you are big enough.




A Jack of ALL Platforms

Considering the overall theme of this blog, then I think you can know where I am going with this. It goes beyond just avoiding putting your eggs in one basket, but rather mastering multiple platforms. Guess what you'll never get good at more than just one, IF YOU DO NOT try out other ones.

I'm not saying you need to be amazing at all of them, or even try ALL platforms. Just that you should perhaps consider trying all platforms, even if it is just for a short burst. To get a taste, and see if it works for your content.

Eventually you'll find a handful that work best, and then you can syndicate the rest.

A Jack of All Platforms
A jack of all platforms, but a master of none; Oftentimes is better than a master of one. Dabbling, then going wide and deep.

What does a multistreamer look like?

This is something that is still becoming more of a thing. I know that Senpai Gaming is finally seemingly coming around to the idea. However I think Harris is still a bit stubborn on that front. Leaning more towards the specialist mentality. However a lot of other big names in the streaming space DO think you should multi cast.

Especially if you are able to HANDLE each platform. I think that is a key distinction. I may be pushing you towards that idea, but I want to make it very clear that if you do not think it resonates with your brand. THEN DO NOT DO IT.

You have to stay true to yourself, that is what matters most. I personally love people, and love putting my hands in all of the cookie jars. I'd be thrilled in a multistream setup, as it would allow me to dip into multiple cookie jars.

Although if you are not like that, then maybe stick to just two. I wouldn't say one because of the whole eggs in the basket thing again.

Building a Jack of All Trades - Polymath Personal Brand
The rise of the internet creator, and the generalists coincide. Whether you are a jack of all trades person, or a specialist. Understanding how to grow, and build out your personal brand is key to success!

If YOU Want to take this Farther

In reality this is a blossoming field, even now after streaming has been around for a while. We are the pioneers in this endeavor, and especially for the polymathic creators. If you are reading this, then it is probably safe to assume that is the case for you too.

I'd definitely suggest my long from post about going omnichannel, as it will probably get you in the right mindset!

How to Go OmniChannel with Content | PolyInnovator
The definitive post on creating omnichannel content as a content creator or influencer. Maximize your reach 10X, and go global!

I found this tool a while back, and just came back across it in my Resonance Inbox.

NeatClip - Create Clips from any Livestream or Video!
The simplest way for anyone to create clips from YouTube Live and many more streaming sites.

This Shorts creation tool is one of the best, so I wanted to give a shoutout.

Combo | Convert Twitch Clips to TikToks, Reels, YouTube Shorts
Supercharge the growth of your Twitch channel with automated TikTok clips.

Honestly I thought this article by Restream was pretty interesting nonetheless too.

What Are the Alternatives to Restream?
Let’s take a look at some of the top Restream alternatives on the market and what they have to offer.

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