ContentFries Before Content Dies (ContentFries Review)

TL:DR | From the raw potato/video, to the fryer that is ContentFries. Your content can be multiplied into dozens (if not 100) micro content pieces/fries.

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ContentFries Before Content Dies (ContentFries Review)

Hello, and welcome to the PolyInContent Digest Review of - ContentFries!

Tyour videos into dozens of pieces of content
Content Multiplier App to help you spread your message as far and wide as possible - ContentFries

This is a tool for multiplying your long form content into smaller chunks, or fries, and spreading across the social web! They even can do quote images!

One thing to keep in mind for this series is that it is for giving and overview and opinion on various content repurposing tools out there.

The structure is the overview, pricing, pros, cons, and then any particular experience I may have with the tool good or bad. Finally, at the end I’ll wrap up any extra thoughts.

NOTE: This is not sponsored, and my opinions are my own. I aim to keep it fair and just, but my intention is to keep it real and honest.

Full disclosure: I did get access to the tool for free, but that doesn't impact the review at all.


This is a tool I am excited about because I think the founder is just as excited as I am about creating tons of content every day. We both were very inspired by Gary Vee's "create a 100 pieces of content a day" mentality.

He was so much, that he created a tool to do such a thing. That being ContentFries! You start off with a potato, that being your long form content, and then you slice it up into fries, put it in the fryer (processing), and you're off to the races! Or mouth.


Once you click "start a wizard"

Uploading a video, choosing the types of microcontent

Probably could decrease the size a bit there, but you get plenty of options! (Ignore the banner as that is an issue with my screenshot tool)

First Screen of the editor, loading in transcript, and encoding the video

From there you apply a template (as you saw in the video review I had a hard time with that part), and then you also select the portions of the video that you want to set as clips/fries.

Note: You can also select portions to be quotes for later use as Quote images.


I love the cooking references given the "fries" motif. The various pricing plans give users the options to go for what they need.

Sometimes your users won't be able to afford the larger plans that some tools offer, and so by having these options for lower tiers it helps out the little guy. This is good.

Weighted Pros/Cons

I find that the content multiplier is really interesting, and I'd like to see it more pronounced.


  • A great variety of pricing plans
  • Ample educational materials
  • They really understand the goal of content multiplying
  • Consistent branding (hey makes a difference)
  • Can come up with tons of microcontent.


  • Complicated editor
  • Redundant menus
  • A lot going on, on screen
  • Can't figure out why templates won't work

There is a lot of potential here in this tool, but I feel that the complexity of it is holding it back. The videos help explain various functions, but people aren't always going to be willing to watch a medium length video just to figure out a problem.

My Experience

Note: That this may be what I had happened, but your mileage may vary.

I had tried the tool a while back and had some issues figuring out the editor. Mind you I've been doing video editing since high school, and so it isn't usually hard for me to figure these things out. Since then the tool has change a lot, and I hoped it would be easier!

I did have an upload error when I tried my first video, but the second one came out just fine! I think perhaps it could be a length issue, as the first one was a bit longer.

When it comes to the aforementioned editor I'm afraid that it is still quite complex, and I don't feel like it needs to be. There seems to be duplicate options, or at least it feels like there's duplicate.

I couldn't figure out in the end how to apply the template I created, let alone be able to edit the one that was there. Although with practice I'm sure it'll get easier, and there seems to be a 2.0 version of ContentFries on the horizon. I'll be taking a look at that as well.

Wrap Up

I'm curious to see what ContentFries 2.0 brings to the table, and perhaps I'll need to revisit it when that is more ready. I've seen the website go through a lot of changes, and it seems that it is really well made now.

The tool itself could use some UI/UX fixes here and there, but even it seems like it is going in the right direction. I'm quite excited to see where this ends up, and now I'm hungry for fries!

Check it out:

"Repurpose your long-form videos (we call them potatoes) into crispy bite-sized content fries. Create contextual content for weeks or months ahead faster than ever before."

Fry up your content potatoes into nice crispy Fries!

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