Miyamoto Musashi -The Lone Samurai Philosopher

TL:DR | The story of the Japanese Samurai polymath, and how the Way of the Ronin (way of walking alone) is resolute. Miyamoto Musashi found his Ikigai, and shared his wisdom of life.

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Miyamoto Musashi -The Lone Samurai Philosopher

Living the way of the warrior, and that of a Ronin in particular, there is an expectation on yourself to life the best you can possible. This growth mindset is inherently, for if you ever stop progressing and learning then you'll end up defeated. Today I came across Miyamoto Musashi, a Samurai warrior, who without a master went on his own pilgrimage.

Isolated as a hermit he was able to live life in the way that he preferred, and more importantly considered the superior way. The contrast is true too, as the Samurai were fully aware of the concept of death. They accepted death, and the outcome it portrays as the end of the path.

"Never stray from the way." -Musashi

Musashi's way was the Way of the Sword, and it may be different for you and me. However the point would be to full send embrace that life. Choosing a difficult path, and achieve full commitment.

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