Digital Education for One Billion People

TL:DR | Education is for everyone, yet people in all countries have a hard time with access or ability to learn. Creating a digital education for the human race is the next space race.

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"Growing the connection between who have skills, and want to use them with purpose; And those who have a great need, and the most to gain wherever they are. Transforming both sides for the better."
-Tariq Fancy

The beauty of bridging the gap, and bringing people together. That alone catches my eye, but the educational aspect of it is even more intriguing. This video I am sharing goes into the macro motivation/philosophy behind why we need to work on education. Not to mention why I created the Modular Degree system.

Cost and Scaling

Most of the cost comes from the hardware side of things, but with the rise of android/linux tablets that is becoming easier.

Internet access is another struggle, but with StarLink and OneWeb that too is starting to subside.

Those are problems facing even the United States believe it or not, and the access to the internet. Let alone learning materials. Being online at all gives you the freedom to look up whatever you want. However how do we learn? How do we organize those materials, and how do we manage our time to consume them?

That is the problem that most educational companies/organizations are failing to solve.

Which brings me to the Modular Degree system, where you curate your own learning experience across the skill tree based system. It keeps track of what you have worked on, and gives you the space to take down notes for further output.

Combine that with the endeavors to provide the technology piece to low income households, or countries with critical learning needs. Then we have a solution that can help across the board.

Started in Third World, but is for Whole World

A lot of motivation behind education innovation, is often reserved for third world countries. Trying to get educational materials or internet to those countries. However it is my hopeful theory, that we don't need to do that for them. They are going to advance quicker than we realize, and places like Africa or even just countries that the infrastructure is fully there yet.

They all are going to compete on the same level, but the problem isn't getting them to our level. RATHER it is getting the global level, the one places like the U.S. or China are at (and the other countries when they equal out to those), all to a higher standard. Let's be honest the U.S. education system is failing, and overall the entire planet could use an overhaul on learning.

My point is that even in the so called first world countries the learning mechanisms are flawed, and need to be innovated. Yet we are focusing on helping other countries improve theirs. What happens when they improve theirs, but ours is still the same level of crap it is now.

We need to create a new system, perhaps a Modular one, to raise the bar overall. Uplifting countries that are behind (including the U.S.), and raising the bar across the board.

Modelling the Future

It is seems that Tariq Fancy, the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of The Rumie Initiative, is aiming for a brighter future. Although he/and his team are taking a different approach to what PolyInnovator is doing; The point is that innovation is happening, and you can be a part of it.

Finding new ways to approach learning using new technologies to scale, and reaching to levels by optimizing current systems moreover.

The Learncloud approach that Rumie is doing is a great way to find what educational materials are useful or not. Think of it almost as a sort of accreditation system. Something that is a challenge to all education endeavors, including the Modular Degree as well.

Curating the educational materials is a crucial part of the process!

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