What is NEXT for PolyInnovator?

TL:DR | The goals and future of PolyInnovator the personal brand, and the life of being a creator. Let alone being an OmniContent creator for the PolyInnovator Ecosystem.

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What is NEXT for PolyInnovator?

Have you ever wanted to tell the whole world something?

By sharing with you my plans for the PolyInnovator Ecosystem, which is just my all channel strategy, then you can copy in your own way to reach a global audience.

This is my strategy for global domination, errr I mean reaching the whole world, and once you understand it; Then you understand me.

The content I create originates from the idea of #MakeAChange, and what the information I share can do to be a changemaker.

The PolyInnovator Ecosystem is a spread a content, that reaches all platforms.

By the end of this you’ll know my intentions for this year, and what all to expect to some degree. I’ve learned well that one cannot foresee everything that will happen, I mean take a look at quarantine and all of the interviews I did the past couple years for example.

Reaching the world is just a matter of reaching each platform.

Why do I want to reach the world?

I’m not doing this for money, I’m doing this because I love creating content, and I have a message to share with the world.

There are things I want to do in the world, let alone in my lifetime, that can only be done if certain things are done. Layering and stacking events and achievements. Maybe it is the video gamer in me that thinks that way.

Perhaps you are similar, more than likely you are, and you want to know how to make a statement to the world.

We can do that together, and you can steal my strategy for it all.

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How does being omnichannel help?

Honestly, as Gary Vee says: It is a land grab right now, and the prospect of social media/online world is right there for the taking.

I’ve been on Tiktok for years, and the growth there is insane. Mainly due to the fact that it is still sort of new, and people grow exponentially. I saw KallmeKris from before she was 10k followers, and now she has 42.1M Followers!!

If only that could spread to the rest of us!! haha

Well it does really, as the growth is just something that takes time. However when you are on a platform like that, especially early on, then you can ride the  waves. You may not always know what platform is hot, but by being on all of them it gives you that opportunity.

I take the polymathic approach as you can probably tell, and it is helpful in this case. Learning how to do video, blogging, and audio, THEN being able to chop it up for all of the other platforms. It really creates a wide net really quick. Just systematizing it to make it easier doing solo.

My goal is to be able to reach as many people as I can as an "Innovator", with that notion in people's minds when meeting me. That way people will know that I am here to help.

By creating content for my personal brand, then I get to share with people my intentions before meeting.

What is the Next Step?

Thinking this is all great, but how do we do it? How are you going to do it Dustin?

Being global means transcontextual thinking, translating content, reaching other markets around the world.

Alright so you make multidisciplinary content, reach variety of English speaking communities, then you can translate into other languages. Repurposing for a new market.

I'm going to be ramping up production of my own content.

The biggest hurdle or bottleneck is myself, and being able to push past my own limits. I am slipping down the slope as I write this, lack of productivity and motivation, which is probably from the cold-dark season.

I need to remember the skills I learned over the past decade for self-development, rely on my systems I created like the PIOS, and execute on small things over time. Increase the viability of the compound effect.

By slowly but surely increasing productivity, then I can get back to my old level of doing things. Reevaluate then and maximize opportunities.

You can do the same, take this chance of planting your flag in Web3's early days, and it isn't too late for the social media world either.

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If one determines their own duty, then how do they know when to stop?

Productivity is a tricky game, and I sometimes have a hard time knowing if I am crashing (on the large scale, burn out sort of thing), or if I am just slipping on my self-development and growing lazier.

Reaching the entire world is my goal, and by understanding this now, you now understand me more at a deeper level.

This article had a few purposes, from setting an intention publicly, but also showing my thought process to people who want to do something similar.

By creating content on all mediums, and trying to reach as many people as I can. Then I can make a true change in the world over time.

I encourage you to find something similar in nature to pursue, and in the meantime help me on PolyInnovator. The best thing you can do is go PolyPro and support me each month a bit, or at least check out my vast free content collection.

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