Repurpose Your Video = Blog = Podcast into Each Other

TL:DR | How can you take one piece of Pillar Content, and turn it into the other kinds? Blogs, videos, podcasts, and livestreams galore!

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Repurpose Your Video = Blog = Podcast into Each Other

The creation of content doesn't stop at your latest video, or blog post, or podcast episode. For in fact it is ONLY the beginning. I don't think I have shared my strategy in this level of detail before in any of my posts.

I'm going to be sharing my Miro thought maps in this post, but before I do I just want to mention that I made them a while back. The reason why I didn't completely update them, is because I wanted you to see what plans I had for the OmniContent before. Let alone how that has evolved, and so for example I don't post to Steemit anymore (after the fiasco, and moving to

As well as, some places like Triberr or Mix, just aren't worth sharing to anymore. HOWEVER, the point of sharing your content to sites like them, that is something I wanted people to think about. Maybe if you make marketing posts you can share to, or share to some unique hub for your niche.

Whilst I'm not going into detail about the tools of which you can repurpose these into each other as much in this post. You can find all the best content repurposing tools in my other blog post here.

Best Tools for Content Repurposing
In all my years of searching for the best resources on content repurposing none of them come close to this! Check out all you need to 100X your content, but seriously.

This post is more of a high level overview of what you CAN do.

More importantly get you thinking about your style of content can be changed into other styles.

This post started off as a Twitter Thread, and you can find it here:

Make sure to read the replies!

One Pillar to MicroContent

Now I based my content plan off of data from the likes of Coschedule, Hubspot, or like social media examiner. Either way the time of day (usually dependent on your audience), scheduling out over time [Day of, day later, week later, month later, half year, and year later], not to mention syndication/proliferation across all social platforms.

The idea was to take each post as far as possible, even further than Gary Vee's Content Model, and that is because I include blockchain/web3 platforms in my strategy too.

Not to mention trying to find a way to do as a solopreneur!

Video First

Probably the simplest in the manner of converting to other kinds, and it was one of the first to be thought about repurposed. Taking videos and transcribing, but depending on how you structure the video you can then cut the audio out too.

Really depends on how you plan out your videos.

Podcast First

Not as clean when it comes to how simple, but still something countless podcasters do. From audiogram tools to Repurpose, and even just using to generate an AI talking head. There are some really interesting outcomes this way.

Record your audio, convert to a video of your choice (i.e. whiteboard, animoto, Synthesia, audiogram, etc), then transcribe into a blog post. I would also add a bit of written words too to ease the transition into the transcription. Like an intro section or something. Some people actually go and turn their transcription completely into a blog post.

Blog First

There are a couple ways to go about this, the first being more automated. That is using something like to create an audio of your blog post. You can actually see that in action at the top of this post, and they are working on a system that could even let you use your own voice!

You get the audio from that, and then it is basically the same as the Podcast First section. Find a visualizer that you want, either an animation, Lumen5, Videobolt, or something that could be a visual part of the video. Could outsource it too to something like Fiverr.

BONUS: Livestream to Video to Podcast to Blog

I've seen a lot of podcasters choose this route, as it leaves it more raw. Not to mention you can skip out on the editing part of the process, which personally is the most difficult part for me to get done.

This way you get the benefits of going live, a video from the get go, although with the tool of choice for me you can have a Clubhouse style conversation too.

Audio and transcription from there!

The OmniContent Method

The other way for the Blog First, and that is to manually make a video out of the post. I stopped making slidedecks (I might bring those back though down the line), but what I initially did was record over the deck with a talking head.

I could also too record just my head like normal YouTube videos too.

Using the bullet points from the blog post, like the headers or quotes, then I could find the right train of thought to share the rest of my ideas out verbally. That way I get the creative juices from the written style, and the video style which are different. In case I missed something from the blog, and the structure from the blog.

Omnichannel/Multichannel Presence

The goal is to syndicate across all platforms, which is how people find you in the first place. They see a snippet of your show, then they can follow to the longer form of content.

Rough calculations on how many posts it would be, but given how you could schedule things out. Then it isn't out of the question!~

I really want you to focus on the number of posts going out for just even the blog alone, let alone counting the video and podcast too. Then look at the expansive list of subsocials like company pages vs your personal profile, different pin boards, stories, Google Company Posts, etc.

I am still reworking this, and creating my Content Creation system in , but all in all the same ideas wil apply.

Video Memes

Finding a 15-30 sec clip, or 1-3 min clip from your episode, then making a square for Meta, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Then a vertical for stories, Reels, Shorts, and Tiktok.

Or look at what you can do with a game clip from a livestream.


Had a couple wins at ##apex ##apexlegends today ##valkmain ##polyinnovatorgaming #D#isneyPlusVoices

♬ original sound - Dustin


Another common practice, even for videos, although if you the video it is better for people to see your face. I think it is best to have a combination of both Video Memes and Audiograms.

Although you all can help me with this in discussing, but I am wondering what the best ratio of either is best. Do I make one of each for every clip, then the audiogram gets sent out at a later date, or do I make unique clips for either. Maybe a unique clip for a unique repeated question. Such as my "What is a Polymath to You?" in the Polycast interviews.

Microblogs, Quora Answers, Slidedecks

These are the ways you could take your blog post forward. You could make a twitter thread from the post, in this case it was the other way around. You could create a mini blog post on LinkedIn Articles or Medium (personally I reccomend staying FAR away from Medium!).

You can answer a question on Quora, with most of the answer, enough to help the person, then send them to your post if they want more (Be careful with this one, as you do truly have to help the person, don't just share the link!!).

Finally, you can make a slidedeck from your post in something like, then send that out to slide platforms like Slideshare.

Here is an example of one of my early Omnicontent episodes/sprints, where I made a slidedeck for the post. It also allows for me to have a more interesting background when I record over it too.

I'm still not sure about the viability of this tactic at this time, after the acquisition of Slideshare by Scribd. However it would still add a new cool layer to your content, and images to share as well.

Here are some resources from my blog that will help you with this same concept!

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This next one is a massive resource, where I got close to sharing my full strategy. Perhaps I'll make a new one like it, but combined with all of the tools I use in higher detail.

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