PolyInContent Series [Start Here]

PolyInContent Series [Start Here]

2023 | PolyInnovator's Multi-Format Content Series

A Polymath Approach to Omnichannel Content Creation, where each episode is: a blog post, a video, and a podcast!

This is a series and content model both, and I just wanted to get you started here into my content ecosystem. I create tons of videos, podcasts, and blog posts... oh my! From there I chop it up and send it out as "microcontent" across a vast plethora of platforms.

That is where the content model comes into play! However the series itself is loosely tied together. Mainly I call it a series so that you know what to expect, and that every episode will have written/video/audio portions. Meaning you can choose whichever one YOU prefer most.

If you are looking for the posts go here: https://polyinnovator.space/tag/polyincontent/

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The main series for PolyInnovator. Taken after the idea of content repurposing, and making a medium for each type of person. Written -> Video -> Audio

What does being a Polymath (a specialized Jack of all trades) have to do with content creation?

It really comes down to maximizing the Omnichannel style of Marketing. Being everywhere at once, with successful returns on investment. For me ROI (return on investment) is about reach, and providing value to others. I create paid content because I know it is necessary, and I want to give people who really want to learn more a chance to do so; However I really think to be really successful in this day and age you need to be on all platforms.

Most people would have to hire out certain roles like graphics design or video creation. However I have been doing the former for over a decade, and the former for a few years now. Meaning that I have developed the skills in multiple areas to accomplish this feat.

On this page you will find links to various channels I use to reach you!

Who am I?

I’m someone who has always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and changemaker. The world has a multitude of areas that it needs leaders with a polymathic mentality, and I hope to fill one of those spots. In addition to that, I hope that I can inspire others to do the same, and maybe give them a pathway to accomplish it.

In my lifetime, “I will be a globally recognized Innovation Polymath. Driven to Innovate technology and ideology”."

-Dustin Michael Loch Miller, CEO | PolyInnovator or Innovation Polymath


Perhaps you want to learn more about #innovation, or maybe about #Self-Education. This monumental blog is dedicated to being something extraordinary, and having information you can actually use/benefit from. It is my hope, as the main author, that I can get people to see Self-Education, Smart Cities, and Innovation differently. Then do something about it.

This section holds a lot of importance to me because I had started blogging in 2011/2012, and since then have tried countless platforms. However with this site I was able to consolidate most of them to one place.

Platforms and Places for Written Content:

PolyInnovator OmniBlog (Here):

A culmination of almost a decade's worth of writing. On the previous site the documentation was separate, the Now Page was static, and even the Codex was on a completely different platform. All of them now act as tags, which makes it much easier to dive into any of them.

LinkedIn Articles

This platform has a unique approach to blog posts, and I wanted to provide my professional colleagues with some interesting content there as well! Part of my intention of habit stacking, there is a planned LinkedIn Article for every episode of the OmniContent.


Videos are the medium of this generation, and even the ones before it with television. Thus came the idea of “TeleInnovator”, a TV show of sorts for PolyInnovator on multiple channels (see below). Allowing you to learn for free the concepts I talk about in my courses/ paid content.

Granted there will always be more to tell, learn, and talk about so stay tuned!

Platforms for the Video Content:


A staple in every content creators toolkit. This is where I started making videos on, and for the current future will keep posting! Keep an eye out for unique videos and series coming!

Twitch & Other Streaming Platforms

I plan on using these for two purposes for streaming more PolyInnovator related events, and for PolyInnovator Gaming streams.


This new age platform has grown a lot over the years, and I've been through it all. Currently at this point I have made over 1000 videos there, and more to come! From funny, informational, and downright weird. You can find it all on there, including from me. One of my goals is to post interview snippets and gaming VOD's on there as well.



The rise of podcasts is unknown to many, but for those in the loop I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! It came down to two choices, either create fully unique content, or repurpose my videos. I found the latter more suitable for my content strategy, but I will treat it as its own platform. I do see the PolyCast as it’s own thing, and will also create unique pieces from time to time on it’s own. Take a look below!

Platforms for the Audio Content:

Pod Page

This leads to the host platform of the audiocast, and has all of the seasons in one place. You can find links to all of the most common distributors as well there, such as Apple or Google Podcasts. My personal favorite is Spotify, and you can find those below!


This is a platform to rate shows, find guest profiles, and overall find great shows. If you've seen a lot of the show, or even have been on it; Then it would mean the world to me if you left a review!


This is a new social platform made for podcast hosts and guests, or in this case Polycast guests! It was because of this tool that I was able to start doing interviews, and if you are interested in perhaps coming on, then check out the show profile.


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