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TL:DR | Taking a polymathic approach to podcast creation, style, and even multiple series. Nicheing down wasn't in the works for my PolyCast, and here is why.

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Kicking off Season Six of the PolyCast with this episode!!!

Here is the video portion ^ and the PolyCast version of the video:

What do you get when you combine a podcast with someone who can't decide on one niche?

In a lot of cases you get someone who fails at making a podcast, and can't keep a consistent schedule. Now I certainly haven't always been supremely consistent, but on average I post a podcast a week at least.

The Polymath PolyCast is a show meant to show you what is possible in the world of podcasting.

I've been experimenting with how can we change the style of releasing audio content. I think it has been pretty good.

What is "poly"?

It is the sum of the Greek words "Pollus" + "Polloi", or "Much" and "Many.

The PolyCast has MANY series, and much of them are of many different topics or niches.

Keep reading to find out more!

Why the Polymath Podcast? #Polycast

At the start of my audio production I would actually refuse to even USE the word Podcast. I felt that not only was it LIMITING, but it also referred back to a time where the word Podcast was created because of the iPod.

Given my loathing of Apple products I guess it is no wonder why I wouldn't want to use that word. Audiocast came much more naturally for me, and I created the PolyCast to be a replacement anyways.

I'd even correct my PolyCast Guests on the word at times, which in hindsight could have been rude.

However it was super important to me to stand out, not only for the word itself, but because of what that word MEANT.

Poly - Cast, Much or Many casts of similar yet different content.

The overarching theme or meta-niche to PolyInnovator, is that of "Polymathy", and being multidisciplinary. Most of my topics that I discuss, even something like Gaming, will inevitably get referenced back to the realm of generalists or polymaths.

Each subniche is part of that grand umbrella topic, and since I had upwards of four or more planned it only made since. I.e. Modular Education, Self-Development, Gaming, Content Creation, and more.

Check out the PolyCast here:

How is it taking a Polymathic Approach?

If you were to take the specialist mindset, then it would be one focus. That one goal or niche will be your center priority. You spend all your time working on that one path, and that is what most podcasts do.

Ironically the problem with that is the monotony, that ends up causing many podcasters to quit.

Taking a polymathic approach solves that problem, as it changes things up for you as the host. Not only that but perhaps more importantly it changes things up for the listener as well. I can't tell you how many shows I got tired of hearing because they only did long form content. I didn't want to spend an hour and half every time. I realize that is what my interviews do too, but that isn't my only content.

I've seen some shows only do 5-10 episodes, and while I think that is a great idea. There is also this huge strain for quantity at that point, and it causes the hosts to find ways to make even more. If you solely go for the medium length, then you miss out on the short form people, and long form people.

Every listener has a different habit when it comes to listening podcasts. They do it on their 10-30 minute commute to work, they do it during their hour long workout, or perhaps they do it like me on a 15 min walk. Those are different types of listeners, that all want something from you. However most podcasters only cater to one.

The PolyCast takes the divergent approach of doing all three, decently well mind you too, and that helps get content to each type of listener.


What are the series?

The aforementioned various series' are as follows:

1. The Main PolyCast

Ironically the least amount made in the course of five seasons, but I consider the medium length basic PolyCast to be the main one. It is more special, reserved for topics too long for Micro-PolyCast, and starts/ends of seasons.

Generally 25-40 minutes in length.

2. PolyCast Multidisciplinary Interviews

The more populated of the series, as I have done nearly 100 interviews at this point. Which is about half of the episodes shared. These are only going to keep growing, and I'm excited to share with you what is to come!\

Generally 1 hour to 2 hours in length.

3. The Fireside Micro-PolyCast

Started out as a side podcast on a completely different platform, but I found that I wanted to bring it into the fold.

Generally 3-9 minutes in length.

4. Secondary Interview Series, i.e. "Round Two PolyCast"

These are the returning guests from the first series, while open to all who have joined before (besides only two holdouts that I don't think fit anymore), I think that only two thirds are actually gonna come back on. haha

Generally 25-40 minutes in length.

By the end of all of these I have covered all of the various content lengths, and catering to a variety of listeners.

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The Various PolyCasts
PolyCast = Polymath Podcast or PolyInnovator Podcast. Once again taking the jack of all trades approach to the content medium. I want to avoid niche-ing down, as I felt that it wouldn’t be aligned with the PolyInnovator Ethos. Many topics, many types of guests, and many series!

In the world of podcasting there are so many possibilities, but people tend to stick to just what is known.

Experiment with your show, come up with new ideas for how you can make audio shows. Have more than one series, and make them all different lengths too. Appeal to an even greater number of people that way.

I wanted to share with the podcast world the ideas I have for how we can BE podcasters.

Release that you CAN have more than one series, and not only you can but SHOULD.

That way you can cater to more than one content length audience, and go ahead check out the PolyCast. See what I mean when it comes to different lengths.

Please check out more on the PolyCast, and try out one of each of the various content lengths. It would be great to get more feedback! :D

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