You’re Beautiful: The Life of the Multipotentialite Person

TL:DR | Each person has the potential to do many things, and incorporate those into your life. Masking yourself in just one thing hinders your progress.

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The Life of the Common Person

Uncommon as it may be, there is something special in every person. Some never realize it. Others know it from the beginning. The life of the common person is marred by societal norms, and prevented by preconceived notions. This is a shame as the life could be extraordinary if given the chance!

Most people go about their lives working the 9–5, having a kid or two, and dying restless. The pretense being that they had to do so in the first place. Now besides the handful of psychopaths in the world, pretty much every person has the capacity for brilliant thought. The thing is they need an avenue to pursue their intellectual endeavors, that is how people grow. Just because anyone can be amazing, doesn’t mean they have the chance to!

Take for example the millions of people all around world, or even in major country’s rural areas, not having access to the internet. It prevents their growth.

Not only that it prevents the genius behind their eyes.

The Potential

This world is lacking a crucial foundation for creating innovative minds, despite the grand need for them all over. The mistake people make, people as in the governments everywhere, is that they think the best course is to make the average person smart. Sure that works every so often, but mass education would allow for a much higher percentage of innovative minds.

In fact it is more likely that the government is not wanting to induce the genius in people, so that they don’t realize the level of instability the world is facing. Not getting all conspiracy theorist here, but there is a massive deception at play here, there is not doubt about it.

There needs to be a change in order to activate the potentiality in these people. Africa is a vast continent, with millions of people who have the potential to grow into magnificent minds. I would not say everyone is capable at this point purely due to the fact that the base level of knowledge is so low. That is our fault as the quote on quote developed nations, for being so careless.

OmniContent #5 - Multipotentialite
The multiple potentials someone has, and the interdisciplinary life they could have. This is the start of the multidisciplinary spectrum.

The Result and Fix

We can change all of that, with enough effort put in there can be a wonderful change in the world. More importantly a change in the minds of the people encompassing it!

The possibility are endless when you think about it!

Perhaps simply providing micro computers (with satellite internet) to each village, starting off with one then growing depending on the response of the people. That would at least give the people one hour per day, or week, on the device. That is a tremendous amount more than most, and even that one hour could lead to great results. There was an article a while back, was too hard to find, about an African teenage boy, who after researching in books constantly. He created a water treatment machine powered by wind. That is truly amazing, imagine what could happen if people had access to the extreme assortment of knowledge on the internet.

There could even be established ground rules, about solely using the computer for knowledge learning, until the town had gotten more computers to work with!

It is a simple idea, but any idea is good until tested! Then it can be a great idea!

The United Living Construct [U.L.C.]
The intention is to create a hub of innovation, and bring together innovators from all over the world. Creating the future of humanity, with the greatest minds alive. Learning like polymaths, and creating to the highest potential.

You are all beautiful, it’s true!

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