The PolyInnovator Website

TL:DR | A retrospective on the PolyInnovator website as a whole, and the goals that my phases encompass.

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The PolyInnovator Website

I felt that this qualified most as a Fireside Codex entry, rather than a traditional blog post. This was one of maybe like two posts I skipped in the transition to my new content management system.

It is going to be a combo of the old post, and mixed in with new thoughts. The site has gone through many changes over the years, and started out as a simple site using Which the team over there was super helpful for me starting out!

I went from to wix (maybe a WP .org in there for a brief moment), then to a combination of things. Such as medium, temporarily, then permanently for a while, substack and airtext, and finally now to Ghost CMS. As you can see from the site now, there is a lot of different things to check out. Anywhere from the blog, polycasts, videos, to the PolyInnovation Operating System!

I often tell people to Start Here because it can almost be overwhelming seeing all this content!

To the Changes of the Times

Here is a video of what the site used to look like if you are curious!

It had a much more community focused aesthetic, but that didn't go over well in testing. As well as the theme wasn't suitable at the time!

I have to say that this new redesign does the PolyInnovator brand justice.

I never liked the bright white of the old site, and this dark theme allows for people to save tension on their eyes. Plus darker themes work better on phones so that for one you're not blinded at night (as I am night owl too!), and it can save your battery by not using as much energy to display!

Over time I'm sure this site is bound to change, as I am a perfectionist after all. I hope you are here on the site to experience it when that happens!

Here is where we get to the Archived Post

"Currently the timeline for what changes will come for the site is that of the content cycles. What I mean by that is that the content on the site, such as the hero section that you see in the screenshot above, will change based on what I am focusing on.
P.S. This does not mean I will forget, or leave behind old projects, just simply move on for a new task. I'll still help, teach, and create content around those past endeavors. However as I scale this business and brand, I will be able to expedite content creation, and I'll have the ability to do much more! I always tell people I am polymath at heart, and I can truly feel that PolyInnovator is the key to not only me fulfilling that true nature; As well as helping you complete or find YOUR true nature as well. I think that is the beauty of learning."

I felt that leaving this in there shows my line of thinking in the past, and that I will stick with anything I set my mind to. For example the first phase was the Modular Degree, and I am obviously (at the time of this writing) not finished with that endeavor. However the goal I had set out at the time was accomplished, to make an MVP of the system, which I did in Notion. I will be releasing that alongside the PIOS.

"Timeline (Subject to change)"

  • Self-Education (Modular Degree Alpha)
  • Next I will either focus on the Gaming aspect of my brand, or extend the Modular Degree in ways. Such as with Skill Tree Based learning, and perhaps with an App if I can find a way to make that useful.
  • Next will be the other task ^^^.
  • After will be PolyInnovator Gaming full launch, with streaming included on multiple platforms (Follow me on those now, so that you can know when that happens!
  • I am aiming that by this point I will have made significant progress on my first ebook.
  • At this point Polymath Exercise is going to gain the focus. Meaning I'll start working on physical aspect of the Four Pillars Philosophy. Allowing me to create more on the extensive Swimming and Exercise Knowledge I have.
  • I will create the "How to Swim: The Philosophy and Hydrodynamics of Swimming" course and ebook.
  • This is all that I am willing to disclose about the future of PolyInnovator, as this already leads me to having a lot to make good on my word on!

A Polymathic Approach to a Content Ecosystem

"All in all the efforts I put forth are relentless, and will constantly aim to provide value. The PolyInnovator website is no exception, and in fact is the prime source for all the content aggregated. I hope that you gain confidence in PolyInnovator, and in me from coming to the site. Thank you."

I created this original post, and the revamped one today, all because of the idea that my content can live on. Even this old post can find it's way into creation. That means even my wildest endeavors, or projects failed in the past, they can always come back. It is never to late to get things accomplished.

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