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This page is meant to be an introduction to the PolyInnovator Podcast, or PolyCast, and as listeners I hope you enjoy the show! If you are a Podcast Creator yourself, and you want to collaborate feel free to use the contact form below!

The start

What's the Point?

The PolyCast

Before you go and decide what to do next, why don’t you check out the PolyCast for yourself! My goal with them is to provide information on a variety of topics, and every once in a while add my two cents on a subject matter that I don’t talk about on other platforms.

That said, nothing compares to being involved. I try to engage with as many people as possible to see where things are leading and where the focus is. There are some conversations that become more โ€œwhat not to doโ€, but overall, engaging with people is where I learn most.

dustin Miller

The Road to the Future Success

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Paul Tournier

Why PolyCasts?

Poly = Much or Many

I've taken the #Polymath mentality to heart, and this is reflected in the topic choices. I really always was told to pick just one, but I can't. I love so many different areas of life, and I have a plethora of experience in them. I would like to share that with all of you!

A Worldwide Phenomenon

Podcasting is only set to grow in the next half a decade, and I want to be a part of that journey. Whether it be on my own PolyCast, or on your show, or both! #voice #audio

Experienced Creator

I have been creating content for almost a decade now. I started blogging in 2011, and podcasting a few years ago.
This divergence in content type allowed me to creatively express myself differently. I also believe podcasts can be an invaluable asset in omnichannel marketing. -Dustin Miller

Didactic Tone #Teachings

People often say I can have a strong presence, and usually that is of the gregarious/compassionate kind. However I think this originates from my natural inclination towards teaching. That is what I am meant to do in life, in whatever shape that formulates into!

Advancing Influence

Having me on your Podcast or Show will not only be a great experience, but our energies will mesh so well that your subscribers would love it!

Free Forever, However...

PolyPro is a paid Membership for PolyInnovator. Creating content can be busy, with so much going on in life the PolyPro subscribers help me support myself. If you are interested in helping that journey then you get access to exclusive content on Patreon! If you're not interested in that no worries at all, for I will still be making massive amounts of free content.

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