The Definitive Content Creation + Repurposing Newsletter

TL:DR | Your unbiased guide to all things content creation, and content repurposing. I’ve taken a holistic approach to all the tools across the internet, and here are my findings.

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The Definitive Content Creation + Repurposing Newsletter

Do you want to master content? Repurpose like Gary Vee or Amy Woods, create tons and tons of micro and macro content? Well then come one, come all, to the premier content creation/repurposing newsletter. This is the first post for the PolyInContent Model Digest by Dustin M. PolyInnovator.

I have scoured the internet for years looking for the best tools, strategies, and tricks to up my game. I am at a point now where information just spews out of me when people ask me questions or for help.

You need the knowledge, and I needed a funnel to share it with the world. I've talked with many of the CEO's of various repurposing tools, and even interviewed a handful of them. This new series is super excited because it will let me take a closer look at each tool. Just so you know: In addition to the various weekly updates I will also be reviewing various tools in this space, and perhaps down the line interviewing the founders as well.

Why a newsletter?

At the end of the day when you are eager for the next new cool hack, or even just a strategy to organize your endeavors. Countless days I have spent on Google/Yahoo/Bing to find any hidden took or trick.

I literally found this way actually, back when it was still new. Immediately connected with the founder Hani Mourra (who is a great guy btw), and was able to nerd out with him on this kind of stuff.

My point is that I've done the digging, I've spent the time, and most importantly I can save you time and effort by just sharing what I know.

What are the benefits for signing up?

A weekly update on the world of content creation and content repurposing, constantly keeping up to date on the newest tools, and access to pick my brain on different topics if you reply to the emails.

In an upcoming post I'll be sharing my exclusive list of all of the repurposing/automations tools I have come across. An extensive list unlike any other, and it is organized in a easy to use database for you.

Exclusive paid content

As the newsletter goes on I'll be making even more detailed posts, that will be for the PolyPRO membership. Think like how to guides for setting up an automation, unique strategies for content creation, or something along those lines.

The PolyInnovator Pro Membership | PolyPro
If you would like to support these endeavors like the Modegree, and help them grow!Getting exclusive access to the various content types like videos, omniblogs, polycasts, and more!

Thank you for checking out the first post in this new series!

Quick side note:

In an effort to try out new tools, and also reach more people. This series, the PolyInContent Model Digest, is also posted on as well. While the paid posts are solely going to be on my main site for the time being, if you are already on that platform and want to sign up there: here is the link.

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