Alpha Earth, Omega Earth

TL:DR | Currently in this point in humanity’s indescribably small lifespan we have managed to do massive damage to the Earth.

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Currently in this point in humanity’s indescribably small lifespan we have managed to do massive damage to the Earth, the planet of which we call home.

I say indescribably as the very foundation for our understanding of time is based on our sun, for when it rises and sets. The problem with that is that our universe is billions of years old, and our species has only been in existence for what seems to be a nanosecond on the cosmic scale.

This being said there is a greatly saddening fact that we have desecrated large portions of our planet for the consumption of resources we don’t even need. No we do not NEED oil, we want oil. We do not NEED to eat meat everyday, we want to eat meat. These two things oil and meat, are some of the biggest problems we created. That is including starvation, war on terror, and even climate change. This is because these two WANTS, are the reason behind all of those terrible outcomes.

Granted Climate Change was bound to happen anyways, but we sure as hell sped up the process by a few centuries.

Alpha Earth is the name I deemed worthy of the current situation we are in.

If you were to look at the Alpha of the pack it would seem to be the better choice, the leader, the hunter, and the wolf that mates a lot. This is not the case however as it has lead our species, which is supposedly more advanced than that primitive mentality, to be quite primitive ourselves in our way of thinking.

Note: Since this post was written, it seems that from studies on the subject even wolf packs don't act in a pack mentality either. They are more communal, and take care of other couples pups even. If the animal kingdom can do it, so can we.

Our mentality is that of get, get, get, and not GIVE. We do not give back to the planet, or even each other. We fight and throw tantrums when we do not get our way. Politicians have become a laughing stock by the populace, scientists are ridiculed when describing really important events like Climate Change, Social Impact, and Global Organization. People like Elon Musk and Bill Gates do the best they can to change the world, but even with their wealth they are only the few future leaders of the world.

On top of that the future leaders of the world we have are scattered all throughout the world, with no umbrella to come together under. Meanwhile the society around them collapses due to the pressures of a failing government system, and world devastation. This is because of the Alpha male mentality, where everybody has to be better than every one else. When in reality it doesn’t matter if you are better or not, what matters is what you do with that ability in the first place. You could be a better basketball player than Kobe, but if you aren’t willing to put in the effort to get even better or to play, then you are just a waste of space. Harsh as it is this is what our society has come to become.

Omega Earth is the outcome I hope to achieve within my lifetime. An outcome that unifies humanity under one umbrella.

An umbrella that not only embraces innovation, but breeds it in the world.

I chose Omega as it signifies the lone wolf, the singular idea that other people would normally ignore due to the low reception. That idea that will change the world, that people choose to ignore because they think it won’t happen, that may not happen? To unite the world under a new inter-nation.

A world nation, one that you would see in the Science Fiction movies, a United Earth. The greatest change in human history, one to stop wars from breaking among the trivial minded individual countries. To think that one person is different due to the color of their skin is completely ridiculous, we are all one race. Not only that but one race on one planet, the Homo-Sapiens. We are the culmination of millions of years of evolution, and the outcome of many trials and errors. We may need some more time to piece together what we have broken in our teenage years, but when we reach young adulthood here is to hoping that it starts to build.

A unified existence would greatly increase our chances of survival, not just against any extraterrestrial threats like meteors or potentially aliens, but even just the test of time itself. I have no doubt that if we continue our current path, we will be extinct within the next hundred years (that is being generous).

We are one people, separated by imaginary borders, with the illusion that we are somehow different. Despite not only culture, religion, and science all having similar qualities all over the world. The great flood? Not just a Judaeo-Christian belief, it spans over pretty much every major religion in some way. The permanence of micro-expressions of people of different nations, never interacting with anyone of that opposite nation, but still having the exact same patterns? The fact that the only difference that skin color makes is just melanin levels, qualifies to people that they are a different race? All of this is just the situation at hand being morphed by perception.

Perception is something that can be changed. It can be relearned. Just like any skill, the way you look at life can change. It can evolve into something new, something beautiful.

You have the potential to do something great with your life, do not waste it. We very well may be the last generation if the tension between countries with nuclear weapons continues to grow. Not only that if we keep consuming resources like pigs, we will need a new place to call home asap. Alpha Earth is dying, let us breed it like the Phoenix, and create an Omega Earth.

The Goal of PolyInnovator is to Make Earth a Type-1 Civilization
From the industrial revolution to the expansive space outside our planet. How do we as a species rank as a civilization? What can be done about humanity’s progress?

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