The Goal of PolyInnovator is to Make Earth a Type-1 Civilization

TL:DR | From the industrial revolution to the expansive space outside our planet. How do we as a species rank as a civilization? What can be done about humanity's progress?

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The Goal of PolyInnovator is to Make Earth a Type-1 Civilization

Starting from the Hub of Innovation that is the United Living Construct, to the innovations that will come from PolyInnovator (Polymath of Innovation). There are a lot of things we can do to pursue humanity's journey. However probably none more pressing than our global endeavor to become a Type-1 Civilization.

Based off of the scale from Nikolai Kardashev, a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy they are able to use. Enhancing a global society to this scale is no easy task, and from what the calculations currently say we are about a Type 0.75! A Type-0 civilization doesn't technically exist in the scale from what Nikolai had define. Although that is where we currently are at.

Just a heads up this is a massive post about Kardashev Scale, and what the United Living Construct and PolyInnovator have to do with it. I made this in the hopes to inspire others to follow their own pursuits towards this goal, as well as share knowledge about the K-Scale (as we will refer to it from now on).

This gets into the deep thoughts about civilizations as a whole, and how big they can get. What we do now will forever impact the viability of humanity actually becoming any other type on the K-scale. If we ruin our planet while on our journey towards Type-1, then we may not have the ability to become multiplanetary. Thereby grounding us, and preventing any sort of progress towards a solar system level civilization.

Why it is Important

I'm going to assume you know something about the K-Scale, or at least have seen some science fiction where it helps you imagine what it would be like. I.e. Star Trek or Starwars (think Death Star from Force Awakens).

I would be remissed to not lead you over to Kurzgesagt, where they have a phenomenal video on the matter. Would be a great way to get you started thinking on the subject matter before you delve into this post!

The reason why I am assuming you know about this that I don't underestimate the readers of this blog, as well as there are plenty of posts out there explaining what the K-Scale IS, of which some will be linked at the end; But most if not all don't go into the details of it means to you.

To us.

I hope to at least get us on the right state of mind by the end of this post, and hopefully start the steps towards achieving a Type-1 status.

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