United North America

TL:DR | World Unity, one continent at a time. The world is a widely dispersed place, with many different countries and nations. Why? Let’s all sit down for a moment and beg the question why are we in such separated states?

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United North America
Edit: This is one of my posts that has followed me onto multiple platforms, ever since the U.L.C. was on Wix, maybe even further back to the original wordpress site. I felt that it was an important idea to share.

The world is a widely dispersed place, with many different countries and nations. Why? Let’s all sit down for a moment and beg the question why are we in such separated states? History has proven time and time again when nations come together for the benefit of unity, then they have prospered. Such as China, Japan, many central and south America countries, and many others all over. They combined their warring states into one cohesive whole. Some was by war, but when it happened through peace it ended up being the greatest thing in their histories. Many people seem to think unification of nations as one taking over the other. Such as Germany with Poland, or China with Tibet.

Contrary to popular belief merging nations is a relative simple notion, and implementation only is hard when there is resistance. When both nations are interested in the idea, it makes for a wonderful uniting experience. People coming together for the first time, with the purpose of the future of the newly found nation.


United States of North America

This is a representation of what a United North America would look like, and what could be! The beauty of this idea gives me chills because this would literally solve all of the problems these nations are facing.

Despite any political reservations you may have, please just read the article for the idea, not based on any preconceived beliefs! Thank you!


Canada has been facing a massive government problem in recent decades, from presidents doing extreme things, to the current one being judged simply due to his age. The overall unity of the nation is at stake due to the crumbling establishment around them. This is not to say anything about the nation, but simply to state of the union. It seems that it is on the rise as of 2018 conversely however!

They have a wide and vast landmass, with just enough population to really use it, though they lack the strength to do anything truly substantial with it. This is where a lot of jokes about the nation comes from, the reality is that the country has some of the greatest population on Earth. With a futuristic mindset, compassionate hearts, and strong workforce. If we could tap into that mentality, and spread it around it would create a really unique outcome.

United States

Leaving the entire politics aside for today, let us focus on the issues in the nation that is happening right now. Massive water contamination all over the country, infrastructure crumbling due to lack of funding, and the constant “threat” of over population. Let’s get something straight, the “threat” of over population in the U.S. IS NOT DUE TO IMMIGRATION. The amount of immigrants in this country is minuscule.

Immigrants take up around 13.1 percent in recent years due to the outrageous chaos ensuing in their respective countries. Meanwhile birth rates are decreasing greatly, meaning our population is going to hit a bottleneck if we do not do anything about it. We have had an enormous amount of accidental pregnancies and births.

These are decreasing in recent years, with the overall birthrate. Keep in mind however there are millions of orphan children who need homes, parents who cannot conceive, and many different aspects to our overall population that is faltering. This means WE NEED THE IMMIGRANTS. To stabilize our country if nothing else!

The next topic to tackle is our over consumption of resources of all kinds. Americans in general, but especially the U.S. need to rethink the way we use energy on a national level. This is one thing the U.L.C. is going to #MAKEACHANGE on because it is becoming a really pressing issue. One thing that would help is to work with another adjacent nation with resources and trade economic boosting attributes from our country. Such as jobs, all over.


This is a nation of lovely people, people would love to socialize with friends and family, create beautiful art, and enjoy the company of others. A very socially interconnected nation. Yes there is tribulation going on right now with vandals, but this is due to the lack of stability from the government. They are not sufficiently able to make a difference in the economy strong enough to keep the workforce there, and create an infrastructure for innovation.

The possibilities of this soon to be great nation, are immense, with the potential of becoming a technology leader if given the chance. If we can bring them up through the same situation that the U.S. had been through, then it would lead to prosperity between all three countries.

The problems the nation is having is being increased due to the separation of North America.

Some of you might have seen where this is going, but hear me out this is a brilliant concept. The idea of unifying the three nations above into one amazing nation. Not a superpower because we aren’t to be feared, we are to be learned from and emulated around the world! #mindset

If these three nations were to come together literally all of the problems we have now would disappear. The idea of the nation to south “immigrating” would be abolished inherently because we would all be one nation. They would just simply be “moving”, but the real beauty is that if we were to combine the stabilization of the U.S. would be able to bring Mexico into a new age of innovation. Using a powerful and great workforce, with a plethora of resources to sustain the entire three-fold nation. Americans from all three countries would merge, and the population would equal out all over the landmass. Creating a brand new economic system for growth and ideology!

The economic stabilization from the other two countries, would bring Mexico into a new age of prosperity, and would be able to industrialize the area. Providing jobs to many poor areas, and boosting the already urban cities.


This idea of unification is nothing new, but it needs to be brought forward more and more. We are leading a world into a new age, and we can change the way the world see’s itself. The problem is the current mindset needs to be shifted before anything can change. Prosperity comes from change and innovation. Let us all come together to make a new world!

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