Why Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy?

TL:DR | Let's start out by stating the fact that the name is cute. The reason being is that it was what my younger students would call me. That kindness and respect caused me to roll with it, and now I use it as the name for my newsletter.

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Why Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy?

In the ideal world I would have started this endeavor far sooner. Probably back when I was teaching more consistently, and when I taught public lessons even. As not only would it have helped more people quickly back then, but I'd also be able to use the knowledge shared here as a selling point to do private lessons with me.

What is the point?

The reason why I started to do it at all, is because that of time. We only have so much of it in this life, and I have spent most of the last decade teaching. While I don't think I'll ever stop to some degree, there have certainly been less and less of it. I want to be able to reach an even greater amount of people. Including the parents of students I've already taught.

Why teach people through writing?

Listen most of my swim lessons I've ever taught, they mainly were information dumping. You have to literally learn WHAT to do in the pool, and then practice it. While having an instructor like me there to watch what you do, and correct when something gets messed up.

Most of the time you just need to learn the basics, or the reasons behind why we do something the way we do. A good example is the glide, and why we go under water. The surface has a lot more movement going around in waves, but under that it is a lot more stable. Meaning you can cut through the water more easily.

By teaching the information first, then the actual practice can get improved.

Speaking of which I do offer digital swim lessons:

One off 1:1 Digital Swim Lesson

Perhaps you're starting out, or trying to get better with some pro advice. This will be a great way for you to get mentally prepared, as well as learn something new!

With the help of a friend too you can record or stream yourself swimming, and I can give you pointers and tips to improve specifically.

Buy a Digital Swim Lesson

How are they supposed to learn?

I have a ton of posts already on the basics of swimming, and especially the proprietary "3 Simple Steps to Swimming" system I made for people to learn.

There are resources to get you started, and some posts too for people who are farther along. The longer this newsletter goes on, then the more advanced topics I am going to cover.

My intention is that you read, then go to the pool and put it into practice. Even if you are just there for 30 minutes. Taking the time to go, and taking the time to try and learn.

Knowledge vs Practice

This is great and all, but learning about something is not doing it. Yes, you do have to practice for most of this to be worth while.

However I found that most resources on the internet either weren't that good, or didn't break it down enough for a lot of learners.

This system of teaching was created by distilling topics over the course of years. More and more individual refinement. Meaning if one way didn't work, then I would change tactics. Usually this mean the "Three P's of Swimming", which are psychology, philosophy, and physics. Some students needed one more than the others.

What are the plans for the content?

Well this started out on Substack and here on Ghost, but now that I fully moved it all to my home site (here). There are a lot more things I can do with it, which also includes being able to create massive course-like posts for PolyPRO members.

I even have some planned as well. Since it is all on one platform too, there will be posts like this one that aren't part of the newsletter that go out.

This is all leading up to when I am able to release my book on how to swim!

Read more here:

Mr. Dustin’s Swim Academy Newsletter 🏊 - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
After a decade of teaching people of all ages how to swim, I finally got around to creating content about swimming. Building out the Mr. Dustin Swim Academy Newsletter. Here on Ghost and Substack https://swimacademy.substack.com/

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