Why am I Collecting so many Articles?

TL:DR | A second time with a second brain. I am pursuing a wealth of knowledge, of which the world hasn't ever seen. My polymathic mindset allows me to see the potential of various articles in ways others (even like myself) may not. It is just how I think!

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Over the last month I have moved all of my assets from Notion.so to Obsidian.md, which has been an Odyssey of work/meta-work.

However I find that even with the shiny object syndrome of all of these new other tools out there, i.e. Capacities, Tana, or Anytype.

I am satisfied with Obsidian, as the plugin variety is powerful. While I'm not able to do much project management, and I don't like Obsidian's way of task management yet. There are other things that are fantastic, such as the ReadItLater plugin, that allows me to save articles.

Notion actually failed to do that, even though it was supposed to. Here is why this is such an addictive process, and why I am doing it so much.

Local vs Web

I've been burned many times by just purely saving articles to getpocket or the bookmarks feature. Even saving to Notion didn't end up working out for me.

By having everything local, I can read any of these articles whenever I want. No longer having to worry if the website is still operational. No longer having to be connected to the internet. No longer having to read them in isolation. Now they are tagged, organized, and categorized if you will. Meaning they will match up with other articles of the same topic, from completely different writers.

Interconnected Synergies

Not only will similar articles come together, but even adjacent ones too. If I have something on Ikigai, and another one that simply mentions Ikigai, but is actually say about Zen Buddhism. Then I'll be able to see them relate, and get a new unique perspective from that new connection.

The brilliance of this is that I get to have the brilliant author's / writer's thoughts, but then combine them with my own. I'm still in the mindset of my own personal use, but I'm already seeing results of these new connections in my content as well.

I mean look at this Fireside Codex entry for example, or even with some upcoming chatgpt articles I have planned.

I want to create my own JARVIS, so I collected all of the articles and repositories. Now I can compare and learn, and discover how to do it myself.

Future Reference Speed

It is all saved in markdown, which for all intents and purposes is one of the fastest formats I could save it in (built into Obsidian's dna).

Meaning that despite the fact I have over 5000 pages, the app itself barely slows down. The only times it does is when I open up 100+ pages for my tagging purposes or something, and that is powerusing anyways.

I still need to find a good search plugin, but I haven't really looked.

That is because in the hopefully near future I will be using an AI plugin, or even something I make myself. That AI will know all of my notes and articles, data, and it will be able to tell me what I need to know.

Yes it is too many...

or is it?

Honestly I thought I was done, but I came across https://www.sahilbloom.com/ which is a fantastic resource. I've been going down these rabbit holes, and finding blogs like this with a unique perspective.

That is how you learn, grow, and maximize potential. By taking the lessons that people have learned before you, applying them, and improving upon them.

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