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Thank you so much for signing up, and every time I see a new face pop up it just makes me so excited. I want to sustainably create as much content as I can for my followers, subscribers, and members. Regardless of platform, but let's be honest this site is meant to be the central hub for PolyInnovator Ecosystem of Content.

In some shape or form I want you to be able to find all that I make on here. Since most of my content is evergreen, then it does lead you to to feel overwhelmed there being so much. That being said I always tell people to start out here:

PolyInnovator’s Approach to Omnichannel Marketing
Here is my online ecosystem of content. From the audio, to the video, and then the huge vast collection of written stuff. Additionally, my main series that is all three in one!

This "Start Here" page goes into the details of what the various content I make is, and the various of other contents that I create for my sub brands.

What do you get now that you are a member?

I may use the word member or subscriber interchangeably, but to me you are part of the ecosystem now; Part of the Construct of Polymathic people. That is why I think that is amazing.

You get access to all of the free content on the site, which also includes things that are for members only. Now that you signed up you should start seeing newsletters coming to your inbox about once a week.

I have Three Newsletters:

  • The Journey to Polymath Series
Journey to Polymathy - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
Formerly the Level Up to Polymath Newsletter, this is the “main” newsltter on this blog, and it is about the journey to becoming a polymath. In my case my journey, but I thought I’d share the steps along the way! A weekly newsletter centered around growing your multidisciplinary life. If you are not a member of this site, then you won’t be able to access the archive. However you can always sign up for free in the corner!
  • Mr. Dustin's Swim Academy
Mr. Dustin’s Swim Academy Newsletter 🏊 - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
After a decade of teaching people of all ages how to swim, I finally got around to creating content about swimming. Building out the Mr. Dustin Swim Academy Newsletter. Here on Ghost and Substack https://swimacademy.substack.com/
  • The PolyTools Digest
The PolyTools Digest - PolyInnovator LLC | Official Website for Dustin Miller
Learning how to be a MODERN Content Creator and take a polymathic omnichannel approach to digital content.

When you sign up for a membership you should be asked which newsletter you want to follow. Perhaps when I move to another host I'll create specific newsletters for the members of the site, and the PolyPRO members. Giving you unique news emails, and not just the various series mentioned.

Journey to Polymath, Formerly the Level Up to Polymath Series

I've thought long and hard on how often the emails should go out, and giving feedback is always helpful. They include a mini-blog on the idea of "Leveling Up to Polymath", which is heavily based on The Multidisciplinary Spectrum I've talked a lot about since creating it. It seemed that people who were more on the first half of their journey didn't often know how to go about their life next.

With the ideas that all of the terms of being multidisciplinary are interconnected, then it allows for you to establish a more concrete goal for yourself.

Curation of New Content

I create a lot of new content every week, even on the slow weeks, and I wanted there to be a way for you to see all of the new stuff I put out. Now some things are going to be super interesting to you, and others may be for a different niche topic. That is okay, and I am trying to be upfront about that, so that it can be expected! :)

I'm not going to list every single post in the emails, unless requested a lot, as that would just make the email overwhelming. However if you WANT to keep up with all the stuff I make. In the navigation menu above there is a link for my "mailbrew" newsletter, which aggregates all of my new stuff!

Newsletter Tag Archive

I had the same idea with my Now Page Updates, but I didn't like how it was just going to be a one off. You get the email, and then it is done. That leaves a lot of people who sign up later to miss out on them. I could make it into an automation, but with how Ghost works it wouldn't really work.

What I decided to do instead is treat it like a hidden tag category, so when you get the email you can click the link, and see all of the previous entries. That way you can check out the other mini-blog topics if you missed them!

What else in the Ecosystem?

Not only do you get the emails, access to hidden posts for members only (excluding the PolyPRO posts of course), there are also some other benefits coming down the line. I'm still scratching out the details, however things like member roles in the PolyInnovator Construct Discord, and if I could link them then memberships in the YouTube Channel or more like Special.tv TeleInnovator.

There is Still the Option of Going Pro, or I mean PolyPRO!

This is the paid membership service here on the site, and you get access to special content and events.

As we grow it out you can let me know what sounds most beneficial to you, and we can figure out how to make it even more worth it.

For now I have this habit of making super impactful, densely info packed, and super valuable long form blog posts. I do it once or twice a month, although I'll try to keep it to two, as to set expectations.

Just for example my massively impactful how to go omnichannel post. I made that in a state of FLOW, and put in all that I could think of to be the ultimate creator toolkit.

How to Go OmniChannel with Content | PolyInnovator
The definitive post on creating omnichannel content as a content creator or influencer. Maximize your reach 10X, and go global!

These are the kinds of posts you'll be getting with PolyPRO, and maybe you don't want to read them all, but you can listen to them as well!


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