The Rise...and Potential of ChatGPT

TL:DR | "ChatGPT is a free, revolutionary tool by OpenAI that allows you to ask almost any question and get a solid answer. It is a powerful idea generator and expander, and is a valuable resource for artists and content creators looking to leverage artificial intelligence." -Written with ChatGPT

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The Rise...and Potential of ChatGPT

I've been using this revolutionary new tool by OpenAI, and ironically I sort of put it off at first. When a friend told me to use it I just sort of mentioned how GPT-3 had been out for a while, and essentially had the energy of "bah humbug" if you will.

Little did I know that ChatGPT was BUILT ON TOP of GPT-3, as a more refined conversational chatbot tool.

Allowing you to ask questions, generate code, and much much more that we will get into today.

NOTE: I wrote this post myself, but it would have been funny had I used ChatGPT to do it. Just wanted to leave this disclaimer since there are a lot of posts out there that did do that. (Some linked at the end)

What is it real quick?

I might leave some details for blog posts and videos linked in this mega article, as they will explain it better than I.

ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue
We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is train…
The creators themselves site.

However it is essentially a chatbot that you can ask almost any question, and it will give you a pretty solid answer. Surprising considering how much of an infant the tool is. Now it won't provide any harmful information, or even curse words, as they were filtered out from the start. I even asked it how to take over the world, just to see what it said, and it shut me down real quick. lol

It is an idea generator, but more than that it is an "idea expander". For example one use case I'm super excited for to use this with, is my PolyInContent series. 90% of my series has yet to be made, and they are all just one line ideas. This tool can take that one line and give me a meta description, or entire post (but I want to that myself still) that would help me finish each piece.

This was a great post to get started:

What Is Chat GPT | How To Use Chat GPT Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners? - HELP FIRST,
What Is Chat GPT ? You can do all your work within a minute. The work which takes you hours, or months to do, that work will be done in a minute.

Check out the massive playlist of videos I used to help learn:

Warning, this post is immensely valuable and densely packed, but was made for my paid subscribers. If you are not one of them, that is okay! I made the playlist of videos open to anyone to see, and if you know me ask me for access to this post!

Check out the PolyPro membership:

The PolyInnovator Pro Membership | PolyPro
If you would like to support these endeavors like the Modegree, and help them grow!Getting exclusive access to the various content types like videos, omniblogs, polycasts, and more!

One of the many benefits are posts like these, where I put in as much information about a subject as I can. More importantly in a digestible way, and I share pretty much all of the links I come across myself.

Now onto the rest of the post!!

Think of this like a pillar post, full of resources, links, videos (although I mainly saved those for the playlist), and my two cents on various subtopics.

Why this Innovation matters

There are so many potential outcomes from this, that I can't even possibly list them all. Even in a mega post like this, there just isn't enough time or room. I think that is an imperative statement to make right now.

As just like I was before, being all apprehensive, there are a lot of things that will come out of this. We are already seeing the success of Lensa AI, as well as the sister tool to ChatGPT, DALL-E.

Putting these all together could produce a ton of content, images, ideas, and innovations. By taking a multidisciplinary understanding of an almost omnipotent pool of knowledge that this tool has.

Did it pass the Turing Test??

Here. Told you so. And more to come soon.

What can it do?

I've already used it to generate website code (although my coding skills are lacking in testing it fully), ideas for video games (tons and tons of ideas for all sorts of aspects about the game), how to make content, how to start a gaming channel, and more. I've asked it dozens of questions already, and I am sure I'll have plenty more.

One thing to point out, is that the results are greatly reliant on how good YOUR prompts are.

SIX creative, fascinating or frankly hilarious uses of ChatGPT | UneeQ Blog
If you’re looking for ways to use ChatGPT (or NOT to use it), look no further than these SIX quirky example use cases to get the creative juices flowing.

How to use it?

Simply sign up for free, and see what sort of questions you can start to ask it. You don't really have to hold yourself back, just nothing nefarious of course.

© OpenAI
© OpenAI

We'll go into more use cases down this post, but here is an interesting link for that now.

What Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, And How Can You Use It? - WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd
ChatGPT makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language technology, which is a big artificial intelligence model that has been trained on a significant quantity of text data derived from a range of sources.

You're not fighting the AI

"Stop competing against robots
Many creators freak out about AI."

Quick tangent note, is that you aren't going to be competing against this technology as an artist or creator. Rather using it to your advantage to come up with even better ideas.

Sahil Bloom Predicts the Future of the Creator Economy
His insights about investment, entrepreneurship, and human psychology are as popular as fresh lemonade in the desert. Behind the growth hacks and hot little tips, Sahil made a bold prediction at the…

Artificial Intelligence Artwork

DALL-E is the technology that most people refer to in this sense. Meaning if you combine it with the power of ChatGPT you could be in for a wild ride.

I've been seeing combination pieces, of two very distinct artists spliced together. Perhaps even just applying that over your own image. In fact when some of this technology first came out I used it to generate these.

Van Gogh Starry Night
Some Universe image
My red geometric background with my profile pic

Now these are more just me playing with it, but that is what you gotta do when you find something new. Experiment, play around, and see what you can conjure. I have seen a lot of people doing it too on Tiktok as of late.

One guy even used it to generate assets for a video game completely made from AI. Including the code from chatGPT.

How this all plays out is anyone's guess.

A Chatbot’s Predictions for the Future of AI
Plus: Is pet adoption a good idea?
While anticipation builds for GPT-4, OpenAI quietly releases GPT-3.5
OpenAI has quietly released models based on GPT-3.5, an improved version of GPT-3 that’s better at generating detailed text -- and poems.

The Artistic Process

I create content for many reasons, but mainly because it is what I do. It is me. I made THIS post because I was already going to learn a ton about this topic, and what do I do with this information? Just absorb it, and hope that it sticks? No, for I'm going to distill it in my own way for you all.

Humans are still the origin source for creativity, ingenuity, and being able to synergize ideas together uniquely. The tool will help in that process, but it can't fully replace it.

At least not for another decade it looks like.

AI Artwork Will Change Everything — Top Artist for Magic The Gathering Shares Thoughts
What do professional artists think of AI art? Peter Mohrbacher, the word-renowned artist, shared his thoughts about AI Artwork and the…
Microsoft brings DALL-E 2 to the masses with Designer and Image Creator
Microsoft is integrating OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image-generating system into several new first-part apps: Designer and Image Creator.

Programming through AI

My first phase of content was around self-education, particularly with the Modular Degree, and how I can provide a template for people to use. I bring this up because at the moment it is just a Notion Template, and that is great but lacking any sort of automated features.

I want to create a platform, an app if you will, or an advanced learning management system. In order to allow people to create their own Modegrees via the platform, and search the internet to easily add to it.

However I lack the coding skills to accomplish it, I can't seem to learn them, and no code tools are quite capable of the sheer amount of things this tool would need to do.

Alternatively, this ChatGPT was able to give me some starter code to get started producing this app. Even in niche javascript languages I was interested in like HyperApp.js!

What more can this tool do, that we just haven't think to ask for yet?

I asked Chat GPT to build a To-Do app — Have we finally met our replacement?
Are we about to be replaced by an AI, again?
I Used ChatGPT to Create an Entire AI Application on AWS
This new language model could be the pair programmer of your choice going forward

Someone created a Video Game with AI... two people actually.

Imagine what can be done with expanded programming language understanding, deeper api access to connect with programs like Unity, and even AI generated text dialog for video games?

Content Creation through ChatGPT

This is where a lot of people are concerned with it taking over people's jobs. However the creativity of the human mind is unique, and I see this AI being more of an additional source.

Rather than a replacement.

I Got ChatGPT to Do My Work and Write This Article For Me
ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is threatening to take all of our jobs. Well, at least my job as a journalist. Here’s what it wrote when I asked it to do my work for me.

I'm pretty sure Forbes and Inc have been using an AI generator for a while now to at least outline a majority of their articles.

That is where this technology really shines, is enhancing what you already have. For example most of my content is unique, there are similar people out there, but my actual topics I pick. Generally are not common. Thus I have to generate all of my blog posts/videos on my own, and that is okay. In fact I have a thousand ideas in my backlog, and that is where I think it would help me.

Taking the one line idea, and turning it into an outline for a script or post.

I think August Bradley's point on AI writing are very interesting.

Someone Created a CGI Short Film with AI

Here is the video and some of the tools used.

Plot Generator
Hilarious random plot generator. Answer a few quick questions and this website will automatically write a story or blurb for you using your keywords. Select from a variety of genres including romance, mystery or teen vampire. Plots suitable form books or films
Craiyon, formerly DALL-E mini
Craiyon is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt!
Synthesize Voice AI and Natural Sounding Text-to-Speech — Replica
Synthesize AI voice for your creative projects. Create naturally expressive voice performances with a Replica Voice.

How does the technology work?

Hey listen, I am NO expert, but here is my understanding. It is a machine learning algorithm with a huge dataset collected over years and years. Up until 2021, so no modern references currently.

Using that large data set to understand human like language, and tons of human verified responses that it learned from. When it came up with a response, a human had signaled whether it was good or bad, and it built it out from there.

The Machine Will Speak With You Now
DALL-E’s fun, impressive, and somewhat unsettling chatbot sibling is open to the public.

Looking forward to a brighter future

It will weed out some of the lower level content creation or programming jobs perhaps at the entry level. However in the grand scheme of things they would have been swept over by something else anyways.

Think like thumbnail creator for a YouTuber, now there is no point to have that role for the most part. Although someone who is highly skilled, for example one of Mr Beast's or Gary Vee's team members. With a ton of experience, they will still be one of a kind. The role won't go away, but rather just you have to get better.

This will lead the world to creating better prompts, blogs, content, code, and more.

If anything new jobs will form too, such as the person who can make the best prompts. I always say as an instructor to ask me a question. I can come up with an amazing one of a kind way of explaining something (say how to swim for example), but only if I am asked the right question.

The same thing goes for this AI.

No particular order per se, but the top is usually the most prominent. Give this a scroll through and see if any are interesting to you!!

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A direct comparison of my writing against ChatGPT
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The future of A.I. is here, and it’s got something to say

Pro tip because a lot of these posts are from Medium. If you want to get around the member only wall, then just open them up on a private browser. You can have three per browser, per public and private modes. Although P.S. that doesn't work on this site! haha

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