The Hopeful Future of the World

TL:DR | Replacing the desolate path that we are currently facing, with one that is hopeful and full of prosperity.

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I'm keeping this old image, even if it doesn't fit with the theme, as the essence of it was important.

The Current Path

Desolation, destruction, and despair. This is where the world is truly headed towards at this point in time. Despite the efforts of many great minds trying desperately to make a change.

The world is vast and so many people encompass it’s grand adventure of humanity’s timeline. In our short time on this planet because believe me it is minuscule, we have destroy a large chunk of the wildlife here. From plants to animals, it doesn’t matter we find a way to use it all up.

Finding this path we are on now is not hard, in fact it was the lazy route, we did not want to put in the effort before when it came to renewable resources, or to see if the profitability is there.

Humans are selfish creatures. I can’t believe I am saying this, but literally everyone on the planet, even the most holy like the Dalai Lama, are selfish. It has nothing to do with their person. It has to do with biology, as we are HARDWIRED to be this way. To be attentive to our well being, and to assort the life we have on a path of self-preservation.

The United Living Construct

A unification of science and philosophy to illuminate the possibilities of the future, and to resonate everyone on their own frequency. This is a new way of thinking, although not so new. We developed to the mindset of making a change, and that includes in our mind itself. We are biologically made to be selfish, but we socially have been wired to work together. It is how we evolved.

It is how we are going to evolve again, as the level of mentality we have now is still primitive. That is not to say everyone is, but a vast majority. There has been many attempts to get people to a higher state of mind such as the Fuji Declaration, United Earth, etc. The thing is that these are just small elements of the overall whole. United Earth does a great job at making a platform for people to come together, but lacks the innovation drive that the world needs!

If we were to combine these attempts into one umbrella it would stand to be quite formidable, and there are sects all over the world of different people, organizations, and ideas that are invaluable to this cause. The United Living Construct, or U.L.C. for short, is a based on being a formulation of ideas coming together in a unique way. (Coming from the “Construct” definition)

United together into one whole, and living prosperously for a new world.

The New Path

The new way of life is going to be that of creative drive, unified responses, and alternative energy. That is a extremely simplistic explanation of this overall expanse of the human ingenuity, and not to mention the obvious a completely new world. In this new world people will be working together through their differences, and maximizing overall collaboration. Despite petty age old differences, wars would be a thing in the past, at least among ourselves as a species.

“Innovating new ideas and technology to the world”
-U.L.C. | PolyInnovator

The overarching expanse of potential that we have as a planet will lead to new avenues of success, and we can be a prosperous and unified collection of people.

Go out and #makeachange with the people around you, when it starts small, it can’t help to grow if we water it for you!

The United Living Construct [U.L.C.]
The intention is to create a hub of innovation, and bring together innovators from all over the world. Creating the future of humanity, with the greatest minds alive. Learning like polymaths, and creating to the highest potential.

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