Setting a New System for Goals, Projects, Phases #MESO #PIOS

TL:DR | Incorporating phases into your life, with the idea of phases being your bigger endeavors in life. Whether they are professional or personal, finding a way to manage your projects and goals within them is the key.

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Setting a New System for Goals, Projects, Phases #MESO #PIOS

While I think that what other Notion gurus, productivity creators, and other various people who are in this space have created great works. There is a lot to be said about the specialist nature of many of their solutions.

I wanted to make a system that was made for polymaths, but could also be used by specialists (monomaths). It doesn't matter if you are hyper focused on one thing, or juggling many things, but that the system can keep up with either hard challenge.

The PolyInnovation Operating System #PIOS is just that, an OS for your life, and Poly-Innovation obviously originates from PolyInnovator in name. However the concept of innovating multiple areas of your life, is the key that I wanted to put across.

Part of the whole PIOS:

PolyInnovator | Personal PolyInnovation System
The PIOS, or PolyInnovation Operating System, is a multi-faceted approach to life and lifelong learning. Creating a plan on all the layers of abstraction to your life, and cultivating INPUT as well as OUTPUT.

What does the MESO mean?

You might've seen the #MESO in the name or elsewhere, and that is simply in reference to the scale I used for the PIOS.

I needed more than three layers of abstraction, as well as a matching word system. The scientific scale for size was perfect for this, as I was already into the words Macro and Micro.

The scale goes:

Supra -> Macro -> Meso -> Micro  -> Nano -> Pico

Meso/Monthly - Goals + Projects
Track your tasks leading into your goals, that make up all of your projects. Then all coming together into phases for your life, or personal brand, or both!

Why Phases?

It is all about FOCUS!

As I mentioned before this system is meant for multidisciplinary people, and we are going to have multiple interests. However due to opportunity cost, time management, and honestly just productivity in general. You are going to have to make a choice about what you pursue first.

At the very least you are going to have to find a way to manage your time if you decide to pursue many things at once.

Your phases are the Macro-Focuses that you are employing to be your anchor. You need something to work towards, a grandiose goal, that your projects and smaller goals fall into.

Your phases can overlap, but they are more like putting some on the back burner. While you focus on the main meal in front.

The Focus of a Polymath
Finding your focus, or what you should focus on in life is a hard task. For someone who is multidisciplinary it can feel nearly impossible. Here is how you get started.

What do you do about previous or future phases?

I think of it as interleaving, as you need to keep the flame alive for the previous phase(s), but also sow the seeds for future ones as well.

By sowing the seeds you test the waters to see if you're truly interested, as well as build up history in that subject so it isn't completely out of the blue for people around you. Think of a content creator you like that suddenly starts doing something completely different, versus them slowly adding it to their presentation.

How do Projects and Goals fall into your Phases?

That's a good question, and is one I'm still getting better and better at myself. How does one quantify a phase, or break it down into smaller chunks? Honestly a phase could be a year long, or it could even be a decade depending on your level of mastery or deep interest.

I had a temporary phase that came out of no where because of quarantine, as I started doing interviews during the time we were all at home. That lasted about a year and half, but my first phase was still ongoing. I started it back in 2017 when I started this personal brand as a whole, and I don't consider it finished. At least not capped off until I can release the upcoming Modular Degree template.

Meaning that phase has been five years in the making. I probably could have done it faster had I known what I was doing, and had a system like this way back then.

The point being is that you have to sort of know, or be able to guess, how long your phase is going to last. Regardless if you are right or wrong, you can always change the lengths (even if you don't particularly want to).

Then you break up that phase into projects, like for me it was explaining my own Modegree, then creating a template for it, then creating content around the template, and then creating a platform. I'm going to have to hold off on the last project, but I am currently finally now creating content around the template. Meaning I am at the "end" for now.

Then your goals are more achievable steps in between the bigger projects.

How do all three fall into the PolyInnovation Operating System?

I find that your phases impact all of the other areas of your life as well, and if you don't account for that. Even in your personal life, then your work life balance will be off. Not to mention using the phases system for your own personal endeavors as well.

Luckily for me my PolyInnovator phases are directly in line with my personal goals. As being a personal brand it sort of works well like that, but for others you might have two separate bubbles that MAY overlap. You'll have to manage your projects and goals accordingly.

In the template I am working on making relations to other databases, as your projects should fall under ONE phase, but your goals can technically be for more than one project. Not to mention being able to relate your tasks to certain goals or projects.

What does it mean to your success to have a system?

A system can be all the bells and whistles in the world, but if you don't use it well then there is no point. I have fallen in love with August Bradley's Pipes, Pillars, and Vaults system. However I couldn't get myself to fall into such a rigid system, and this is coming from a superfan of his work. I've watched most of his channel, and I have looked at his templates deep and hard.

It just didn't work fully for me, and that is completely okay. I know it will be the perfect fit for more analytical minds. I always try to shout out his work, even if it is "technically" competition to my own.

My point is that the PIOS is my own alternative to that PPV of his. I made it so that I can be more successful in my multidisciplinary endeavors.

The MESO layer is the Glue of the PIOS

While the Supra/Yearly layer gives you a broad picture to work with, and the Pico/Hourly gives you the nitty gritty details to account for; In the middle you have the Meso/Monthly or Micro/Weekly, that you probably will spend most of your time in. They are your bread and butter, and the Meso in particular allows you to organize your plans each month into actionable steps.

Goals are nothing without the action towards, projects don't work if you can't align yourself towards a goal, and phases are just the imagination with the concrete projects to quantify them into being.

Taking all three of these are your steps towards being far more successful, all thanks to the PolyInnovation Operating System.


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