Renaissance (Wo)Men - The Multidisciplinary Spectrum S01E05

TL:DR | Someone who deems themselves a master of many areas, and no longer a specialist. Mastering takes ages, but is well worth it in the end. Perhaps by mastering the multiple areas, you might create something new in the process.

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Here is a video relation to this post, as well as the PolyCast!

Being skilled in many areas of interest, and cultivating a thirst for knowledge!

Do you want to be part of the rise of the internet renaissance?

Taking away what you will learn in this post, let alone this series, will allow you to understand where you fit in the world that is currently being made. From the Metaverse concept, to being a jack of all trades content creator, and more.

We are now getting into the meat of this series, where we dive into the deeply knowledgeable, and the wide ranging people of the past.

Excelling at multiple fields in the sciences and arts, that is what it takes to become a renaissance person.

It all starts at the thirst for knowledge, and the power that curiosity brings. The more you are curious about, then the more you become curious about. It is a self-feeding cycle, that delivers positive results, rather than negative ones.

Think of it As a Way to Improve YOUR Life

Your motivation should be simple: you want a better way of living life that increases the likelihood of success in it.

Being a well rounded person isn't enough, as you got to be ALL rounded. Omni if you will, and have a life that dips your hand not only into all of the cookie jars; But also learns how to refill them by learning how to MAKE the cookies.

"Leonardo da Vinci was indeed an “all-rounder”. He made several contributions to science and art that are still relevant 600 years later."

The Four Pillars and Other Aspects of Our Own Existence

From the physicality of our bodies, and the deepness of our souls and emotions. The ever expanse of new things to learn and master, and not to mention throughout it all the balance of them encompass who you are.

Here is a refresher on my Four Pillars Philosophy:

Self-Development | The Four Pillars Philosophy | Personal PolyInnovation System
Self-Development through the Four Pillars Philosophy. Meaning taking after the four major areas of life: MIND BODY SPIRIT EMOTIONS This is part of the Personal PolyInnovation System!

It seems that even in the polymathic life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

"He lived a life based on a philosophy that man’s personal development and expansion capacity were without limits."
-Bryce Heventhal

On this site with the image above, it talked about the various aspects of life and the existence of each part. How you come to terms with each of your own circles in life, that is why I created the Four Pillars Philosophy, to pursue the greatest level attainable.

Whatever that may be.

A Different Kind of Four Pillars

Music, Literature, Athletics, Art, these are the "Four Pillars of the Renaissance Man", of which greatly align with the two systems shared above. Let me explain:

For what is music, if not the flowings of the emotions?

What literature teaches us enriches the mind.

Athletics are key to a sustainable physical form.

What is art if not the passion of the soul?

In each of these essential pillar of Renaissance thinking, they all interleave with the Four Pillars Philosophy my origin, as well as the areas of Yoga, the Whole Person Development chart above, etc.

It is all about finding your place in HOW to be a modern Renaissance Person

By thinking of art and science as two separate pieces, rather than two sides of the same coin, that is what people outside of the renaissance lack. The perspective of why, how, and what.

The why being the philosophy behind it.

The how being the science.

The what being the coin itself. Life.

Encompassing the whole self development, along with the perspective of the "coin of life". That is what makes a renaissance person.

Perhaps this is the nature of genius, and the fundamental building blocks of what success looks like.

Generalist inventors improve the knowledge recombination processes in innovation teams.

By having a generalist approach, and a renaissance mind, then you will innovate the world in ways inconceivable at this time.

"A polymath is very much like a Renaissance man. However, the term ‘polymath’ refers only to expertise in a range of topics. Renaissance men are much more well-rounded. They not only have this broad intellect. They also are the ideal men socially and physically. They are handsome, charismatic and sportspeople."

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A person of many talents, and about in the middle of the Multi-Disciplinary Spectrum. How they thrust themselves onto history, and how might you make your mark as one as well. The middle ground, and the wide rangers. From the t-shaped, to the entrepreneurs.

What does it mean to be a Ren. Person?

Is it being a universal man, or a polymath, or an advanced jack of all trades? What? Think of it more as a mental model, or a way of living life. Taking opportunities when they land in front of you, being curious about the world around you, and taking great care of yourself.

A Renaissance Person of the Past

Is that of having an attractive appearance, either by natural beauty, or by take self-care true to heart. Leonardo Da Vinci was known for being extremely fit, and even being able to supposedly bend iron bars with his bare hands.

Given the cross section of the arts and sciences, it helps them solve problems, and think in different ways.

A Renaissance Person of the Modern Day

To be honest the differences aren't many. For it takes the self-education to another level. With the advent of the internet and the Modular Degree, we can pursue our own autodidactic endeavors far more effectively. Not to mention widely, as well as deeply.

People have told me that the Renaissance Person of old would be a person who KNOWS EVERYTHING. As back then everything was far less small, but I don't think of it as simply. Leonardo Da Vinci didn't know everything, and he was one of the people closest to it ever.

People nowadays lack the willpower to go to the same lengths as he did to learn. Such as with anatomy or ocular science for a quick example.

However it is significantly easier for any of us in the modern age to learn these things!

Couple Notes from an interesting post:

"Admitting When You’re Not Good at Something – and Moving On"

I think this is a great point, as in the Multidisciplinary Spectrum, with all multidisciplinary people react differently to this roadblock.

Jack of all trades often float, which is a good and bad thing, and is why there is this negative connotation. Although check out the post on JoAT's because it isn't always the case that they are floaty.

Point being is that they may jump TOO SOON when something shows that you aren't good at it.

Whereas people later on in the spectrum may jump TOO LATE, and spend too much time learning a particular skill. Either because their curiosity sticks them through it, or they want to prove that they can.

Sometimes it is not about whether or not you are good at it, it is whether or not you SHOULD be good at it.

"Renaissance people are not dead. They are not some concept for history books. If you incorporate the Renaissance model into your life, it will help you to become better at whatever you do. The next time you’re confronted with a new opportunity, pour your curiosity into it. You never know. You might be the next Leonardo Da Vinci." -Robert Bogue
Renaissance Man | Datamation
During springtime, life returns to the world around us, and my thoughts turn towards the renewal of our skills. This thought process is influenced by the

The contemporary polymath learns from the Renaissance of old, for the Renaissance of the New.

By understanding we are in a similar time to the Italian or Arabian renaissances, then we can be open to the opportunities ahead of us.

It is truly a remarkable time we are living in, and is my main motivation behind being so active online.

I want to be part of the new world, and you should too!

Hopefully now you have taken a step towards becoming a Renaissance person, and are excelling at the arts AND sciences.

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