Self-Development | The Four Pillars Philosophy

Self-Development | The Four Pillars Philosophy

This is third part of the PolyInnovation System, where in the PS you are focusing on the exponentiality of your own self-growth.


Take a journey to understand your FOUR PILLARS

The Four Pillars philosophy is a Self-Development concept I created out of over a decade of introspection and philosophy research. There are four major aspects of life one must take care of, and maintain the balance between each of them.

Each Pillar is an example of each part of your life, for example your Mind Pillar takes after your mental stimuli/neuroplasticity, learning, mental health, and mind-body connection.

Your Body Pillar, as you may presume takes after exercise, nutrition, and health.

Spirit Pillar goes for your spirituality, individualization, and the connection between your conscious mind with your subconscious mind.

Finally, your Emotions Pillar goes after your Emotional Intelligence. Regarding your Intrapersonal understanding, as well as interpersonal. Being able to understand and empathize with others.

When you put all of those together, then you have a solid holistic view of your life, which is crucial for Self-Development. Formulating the last segment of the Personal PolyInnovation System.

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Each pillar impacts the others

Balance of YOUR Life

When one of these of these Pillars go out of whack, such as when you get sick or you neglect one for a while; Then the rest will start to follow suit. Think of it like a twoway funnel, when you build one up, then they all can start to build up alongside it. Brick by brick so to speak. However when one of your Pillars start to slip, i.e. you start missing workouts, or donโ€™t take care of one at all (just never got around to it in your life), then the others will suffer for it.You must tend to each Pillar separately, but view them as a holistic system of all of them coming together to form you.

A modernized philosophy for your use

Use Philosophy and Data

Using tools such as or other database/documentation methods, there are ways to track your daily/weekly/monthly habits. That Self-Improvement is prudent to your overall Self-Development. If not for those micro consistency habits, then youโ€™ll lose track of where you are in the macro picture. Putting you down a spiral, that will hinder your life progress.

This is why both are important, and why I make them distinct in the PPS. If you donโ€™t take care of all Four Pillars with their own habits and systems for your growth, then you become stagnant, or worse off.

Using the Four Pillars Philosophy you can combine it with habit tracking tools to efficiently take control of your life.


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