PolyInnovator Music

TL:DR | A short explainer doc to shed some light on what PolyInnovator Music, is and is going to be!

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PolyInnovator Music

Music has always been an important aspect to my life and existence. It has always given me strong feelings, and that is why I implement it into every area of life that I can.

From listening while working out, to when I was a kid listening while on the school bus.

I remember staying up late at night listening to my favorite songs, as they would help me channel my thoughts.

Nowadays I listen while I work on PolyInnovator, and even right now when I write this I have epic music playing in the background.

Soundtrack to my life

My old friend used to make fun of me because it was like I had to always have an OST to my daily actions, or to my life.

Why am I writing this, and why does it feel like a blog post more than a documentation? Well considering how early on in my polymath career, that I am in, there is this inherent urge for me to want to create music.

I love it so much, and I've had so many ideas over the years. I felt that it was prudent for me to seed the interest to those in my endeavors. Meaning that if you're the kind of person here reading my documentation for my website; then you are presumably the person who will be most interested to hear when I am doing something new.

It is my hope that in the coming decade I can become a music artist in the light of Muse or Two Steps from Hell. I've always loved rocking out at Karaoke, and I literally taught myself how to sing by going to it religiously four days a week for years.

I hope you look forward to it!

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