Omnichannel Marketing (Definition)

TL:DR | The rise of the omnichannel brands, and how they reach people across all platforms. Here is what defines the idea in a modern sense.

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Omnichannel Marketing (Definition)

The prospect of being everywhere when marketing is often an ideal concept, but how does it play out in application? As a solopreneur myself with PolyInnovator, the task seems daunting to say the least. Although for a polymath the challenge is exhilarating.

This is where omnichannel marketing comes into the picture, for it creates a pseudo omnipresence for the customers and subscribers of a brand or company. A seamless experience, particularly useful in the eCommerce space, and allows for the end user to communicate with the brand much more easily and effectively.

Think about a situation where you have a favorite platform that you spend your time on, i.e. Twitter, and you go to your favorite brand only to find out they don't have an account. Or worse they have one, but haven't posted in almost a decade. As a customer or user you feel a bit helpless, or even a bit annoyed. Personally I have come across the situation that in order to contact the company (as the website or socials weren't up to par, or didn't have email), that I would have to website (phone) tag. Going between different profiles to find the one that had some sort of contact link.

That experience is not only dissatisfying, and purely just unacceptable in this day and age.


Some companies can't afford to have a support staff waiting around to help people, like myself, but there are plenty of things you can do to make it easier for people. I.e. Documentation, FB Messenger, and a properly setup Support page. Those alone make a world of difference, and often include frequently asked questions, or information that a person may be seeking.

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Social media presence is not that hard to achieve, and that is how marketing is supposed to be done in the modern era. Go where the eyeballs are, and the actions of an omnichannel marketer need to reflect that dichotomy of marketing.

Omnichannel means to be every where, and in order to do so you must create for everywhere. That doesn't mean think up of a new thing for every platform, but take your existing content, and recreate it or chop it up for the context of that platform.

I find that "Multi-Channel" and "Omni-Channel" are often mixed up, and almost most of the time it is because of content creation is thought of being multi, but in reality it is more about being everywhere effectively. i.e. OmniChannel content creation (inbound), which is what lead to OmniContent.

The Word Omnichannel...

Means that you are everywhere, and there are a plethora of tools that help you schedule or automate some tasks. However it should be known that literally as much as possible content should be made by hand, but that does not mean you can't schedule it out ahead of time. What matters most is the interaction with your followers, if you make a tweet to send out later then you best be replying to comments!

One resource I use often is the blog post by OneUp a social media management tool, where the author listed out nearly every other tool.

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