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Updated: September 2023.

This is just because I have had a lot of people cold email me about their products. This page is only to help the members of my community!! Not for you to scrape my email (though I think it has been gone from this page for a long time), and cold outreach email me with your "new tool" I will mark you as spam instantly.

Ask Me Anything

You never know what might be an issue to somebody, or when your technology will crap out on you. The best way to avoid issues like that is to have a solid knowledge base, with detailed documentation. This is what I have aimed to do with PolyInnovator. Check it out today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point?

I want to make a change in the world, and I felt that in order to do that I needed to become something more. Something better. PolyInnovator started as a way for me to document that process, and to aim for greater goals.

How many emails do you send out?

While I don't send out emails for every post I do make (which is a lot). If you are inclined to get something like that you can get my MailBrew, which curates all the content I make from the last week!

I send out swimming on wed, content on thur, polymathy on fri, and gaming on sat on my other website.

I hope you sign up today! -Dustin

Is my account free? Do I have to pay anything?

There is both a free accounts and PolyPro type of accounts. The free accounts get you access to members only posts, or subscribe you to one of the 3 email newsletters I make. They are about Polymathy, How to Swim, and Content Creation/Repurposing. Those are free, but I do make monthly huge posts that are really densely helpful for the PolyPRO PAID membership!

How can I close my account?

This may be subject to change if any great modifications happen to the site, but currently in order to close the account:

I do not believe you can delete it on your own side, but you can unsubscribe from all emails in your account menu (click the bubble in the corner). From there you can contact support, and I can delete your account manually if you so choose.

Can anyone create an account?

Yes anyone can make an account, and is encouraged to do it. There is a lot of content you can see without signing up, but when you do sign up there are extra features/secret pages.

However let it be known that it takes some grit to follow your own self directed education. Perhaps by joining you’ll gain that grit!

Is Self Education for me?

Really this question is itself an act of Self-Edu. Trying to find your answer on your own, but by asking for help in the process. Just because you are learning on your own, doesn’t mean you are actually alone.

Given that I have been doing this for better half of a decade too; allows me to provide greater value in the long run for how you can pursue this lifelong endeavor.

Still Need Help?

The one thing about being a Polymath is that there are quite a lot of variables to account for, and sometimes you can’t do everything (no matter how much you try). Meaning there are bound to be problems that arise, so hopefully we can solve them quickly with this Support page!

Read the Knowledge Base

The Documentation for PolyInnovator. If you need help, then this is the prime place to go. If you have a problem that isn't here then contact me!

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Community Info

I introduced the PolyInnovator website as a conceptual Social Network or even Expo, so perhaps that can still be a reality. If you are interested in helping that cause, then perhaps become a beta tester.

Terms of Use

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I know some people are going to want to get this for their aggregators, and for just simply staying informed!

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There are constantly situations that make people worried about whether or not their data is safe. Feel free to read up on the Privacy Policy for reassurance!

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Various Channels

If you have a need to reach out, then here is the information you need. Many great creators stray onto the path of specializing on ONE platform, but I find it too hard to resist the generalist in me. Quite honestly there is so many cool platforms, that the polymathy really comes in handy.


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