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TL:DR | Out with the old, and in with the new. Forego your new year's resolution, and make an actual plan for this year. I got content planned for almost every day for the first half, and I am going to re-strategize half way in the year.

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We're off into the new year, and I slept in from the night before. It has almost become tradition now to go to karaoke on NYE.

Although the feeling of rose colored glasses came to mind, as I didn't have the experience I once had. Even in a little way, so I think it is time to move on from that world. At least as someone who goes, there still is a lot of fun and income to be had by running it. Although that still is sparse.

What am I doing... NOW? January 2023

Something I wrote about in a past recently, are my phases, which for those who haven't kept are just my various focuses. What I am focused on for a year, or even a few years, maybe even decade, as it really just depends on how long a certain topic/niche will take.

ChatGPT is Making me Reconsider my Phases
I am reconsidering my plans and trajectory for the next year. Honestly, it may end up being a good thing because I have really needed to triple down for the past year or two anyways.

As you can tell simply from that post title I have been spending a chunk of time with the artificial intelligence chatbot: ChatGPT. So much so that it caused me to really rethink how I might do my upcoming phases.

I'm still struggling with that notion, and I'm griped with indecision.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

Well I guess I better tell you about what I was struggling with phase wise. I had planned doing a 33/33/34 split in 2023, which is because I needed to start my next phase. However there were two others that needed to get started in some capacity as well.

The first one of three is my "second phase" centered around Swimming, and in a bigger picture "Polymathic Exercise". Something I started up with the newsletter Mr Dustin's Swim Academy, and have been doing consistently every week.

Eventually I'd like to make some underwater, and some from above water, videos for Youtube and courses for people to take. However the main focus is the upcoming book. Since it is something I am so well knowledgeable on, there isn't as much of a need for focus. Just as long as I get stuff done.

The next focus, which honestly is a bit more of a 25% focus than 33%, is the Content Repurposing side of PolyInnovator. Considering I've interviewed some of the founders of tools, become friends with some, and chatted with others. There seems to be a growing wave across the board, and I wanted to ride that wave honestly. There isn't anyone talking about each of the tools, and I thought I would be an agnostic voice in the field.

While there are some tools I prefer, that can change. I figured it would be like the "Keep Productive" youtube channel style of affiliation of tools. While he prefers Notion, there is a lot of transparency, and he actively tries usually other tools.

The Rise of the Generalist Gamer

This gets a separate section, as it is something I felt should have been a thing for a while. I constantly spend my free time away from content and jobs, playing video games and enjoying the adventures. I wanted to share that with others, as well as find a way to make those experiences a bit more productive.

Sure, it does dilute some of the fun, so I'll probably avoid playing some games on stream. Although for the most part I just wanted to launch my channel, and start multistreaming slowly but consistently across platforms.

I almost felt like this phase just went ALONGSIDE the other phases. Rather in place of, the only cost is time spent away from the other phases.

Twitch/YouTube to Tiktoks and Shorts
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Twitch/YouTube to Tiktoks and Shorts

This post provides strategies for repurposing YouTube or Twitch content for short-form video platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. The post also mentions tools that can help with finding clips for gaming content, but notes that these platforms tend to be geared towards more mainstream games.

NOW 2022: Yearly Re/Pre-view
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NOW 2022: Yearly Re/Pre-view

In the Supra layer of the PIOS I use the template to review the past year, while planning for the next one. Here is my first attempt at doing this. Last year I wasn't able to get it done in time, but I won't make that mistake this year!

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