ChatGPT is Making me Reconsider my Phases

TL:DR | I am reconsidering my plans and trajectory for the next year. Honestly, it may end up being a good thing because I have really needed to triple down for the past year or two anyways.

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ChatGPT is Making me Reconsider my Phases

This started out as a Twitter thread, so I am going to link to those tweets as I go along. Now I know a couple things are happening, it is the end of the year, and the start of a new one. That time is already a "time of change" for everyone, and so maybe that energy is exciting. Causing a disruption in my focus.

Additionally, I am finally wrapping up, sorta, the first phase of PolyInnovator. After quarantine left us all behind on our timelines in our heads, there was a lack of progress on that first phase.

I ended up doing interviews instead, which was a great choice, but then this year had to catch up. I started my second phase around swimming, and even sowed the seeds for future phases.

I even started game recording to put on my freshly minted gaming channel.

One thing I think I'm going to be really good at, and I don't mind bragging in this case; Is the usage of AI tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney, etc. As being someone who is multidisciplinary allows me to pull from many areas, and that is the kind of thinking you need for coming up with ideas for prompts.

I tried already coming up with an idea for a Pokemon Game, a game where the player traverses multiple universes, content creation, css code snippets, and much more. Don't get me started on the image generators, as I literally reached my limit on Dall-e within 20 minutes.

I'm worried that I am doing too much, but I also know that in the past it was those times that I felt happiest. I was doing three jobs, then going home working on PolyInnovator.

I can't help but diversify my interest pool, but I can help on what I try to focus on. However the swimming content is long overdue, the content repurposing is perfectly timed with the growth of some amazing companies/tools, and the game streaming is something I just want to do no matter what. It is almost a side endeavor if you will.

The point of this post is because the chat tool came up with some phenomenal ideas, that I simply can't ignore. They fed on literal years of personally coming up with my own ideas. ChatGPT simply added to them, and fueled the fire if you will.

Not to mention the sheer potential of the AI image generators too. Sometimes it is a matter of getting that next step in progress, and these tools are allowing me to get that step. Past certain blocks that I couldn't surpass on my own, such as the design of characters since my skills are more specific to sprite-work or pixel art, or doing thumbnails for content.

Anyways, this post came out of nowhere, but it seems to be making me think differently about the upcoming year.

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The Rise...and Potential of ChatGPT
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The Rise...and Potential of ChatGPT

"ChatGPT is a free, revolutionary tool by OpenAI that allows you to ask almost any question and get a solid answer. It is a powerful idea generator and expander, and is a valuable resource for artists and content creators looking to leverage artificial intelligence." -Written with ChatGPT

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