NOW Page #28 Nov 2022

TL:DR | Welcome back to another monthly vlog and blog! Now that we are past Halloween, it is time to look forward, and see what is coming.

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For the past few weeks I have been working at the Halloween store, and it has been like Madmax up in there. Black Friday 2.0. The Purge. I could go on!

Now for the last few months it seems that PolyInnovator has been going through some changes. Nothing like a reform, but rather evolving the content. Tweaking once again the PolyInContent System (formerly OmniContent, the name is certainly one of the tweaks).

I guess I never explained the name anywhere, well the OmniContent idea I came up with on my own. However it seems that another company did as well, and they have theirs trademarked. In an effort to not get sued down the road I thought it best to change it while it is still young.

Additionally, the PolyIn branding is something I'll probably do for future phases as well. I.e. PolyInGaming or something like that. Maybe or something short like that, as is hard to come by. Plus the naming goes with my full personal brand name, and so the association might help people remember.

What am I doing... NOW? November 2022

I'm not gonna mention the ratwheel collection of posts I have been working on all year. Instead I'm going to talk about what I added or changed. I still removed a few from the list of those posts, but I also added daily LinkedIn/Medium article posts.

At least for a short time, and after failing to do it daily because of my job. I felt that after this sprint I can hold off on them. What matters most are my consistent series(s).

One of which is this monthly video and blog series, the others are the Swimming Newsletter, and the PolyInContent Digest newsletter. All of which seemed to have gone out without a hitch. Just perhaps a delay of a day or so here and there. With as small of a following that I have, then I think that is okay from time to time. Although I am really keen on being super strict on when those go out. That being noon on Wed and Thur respectively. The monthly Now page being on the 1st of month, any time of day. For perspective I am writing this at 9:30AM, but by the time I get the video done it may not go out until later in the day.

In a bigger view #MACRO, What's Coming up

I can't tell you when I'll be done with these projects, but I can say that I am starting to finally take monetization more seriously. I really need to grow, and I really need to make an income from this time sink.

I love what I do, I love creating content (even on the days that I don't), and I make very good pieces of work. Especially my paid posts, and so I am going to double down on the subscriptions. Growing my blog, newsletters, and most of all PolyPRO.

For now you get access to paid members only posts, which are my super detailed, long length blog posts. Although I am trying to find ways of making it even more valuable. Such as making a video membership as well.

I was writing the two newletters on Ghost (here), as well as on Substack or Beehiiv. In order to maximize reach, and try out those tools. However the lingering thought of people getting used to my works there, but NOT on my actual website kept bugging me. Not to mention I had some issues with Beehiiv, and nothing that would make me leave on a normal usage. Although I was trying to embed something special, that works on Ghost or Wordpress, but not there. I still stand behind both of those tools, and would reccomend to people to use them. Although I'd probably say use Ghost first lol.

However I manually moved all of my subscribers from both, and added them to this CRM here on my site. Checked out which subscriptions they were actually subscribed to, and now I have a bigger following here. Nothing really changes for them, except now they are technically members of my site. Which means they get access to even more posts. Not the paid posts, but the free members only ones. I also included a deal, that if you were a subscriber and would like access to paid I'd give a free month trial.

More posts, PolyPRO, Video Sub Platform, and more. That is all that is coming up! Oh and I have a new job lined up after the Halloween store. :)

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